To make the information found in Mr. Hubbard’s books available for study at home, churches of Scientology provide extension courses on many Dianetics and. Dianetics Extension Course [L Ron Hubbard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Study book w/questions to be used in conjunction with The. Scientology – The Fundamentals of Thought (Extension Course) [L. Ron Hubbard ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A scientology.

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Here is the Congress which provided the final chapter on all development to date and the beginning of an entirely new era!

Golden Age of Knowledge Extension Courses

For with all the discoveries the past year had brought—in terms of clearing —they had now culminated in a breakthrough for planetary expansion. Hubbard began this Congress where they usually ended: The Future of Scientology. For by the final, and now legendary lecture, he had provided the means to attain that rarest of extebsion, yet one inherent in every Scientologist, and required for a new civilization: Three subjects, not one, have been in development in Dianetics and Scientology for these many years.

First and foremost, of course, is Scientology itself. Second is Organizational Know-how.


Third is How to Train Auditors. These last two technologies did not exist inwhich accounts for our inability to make every gain we needed to make. Yet as came to a close, that first subject of development— Scientology itself —had resulted in a breakthrough that would coalesce all three as the concluding chapter of every development to date…and the beginning of an entirely new era. And while the full story of that breakthrough is provided elsewhere London Clearing CongressL.


Lecturing, supervising and working with trained auditors, he tested the latest technology of Scientology in handling Dianetic engrams.

Not only did the speed of extenion increase djanetics, but those new discoveries had resolved the earliest barrier to Dianetic auditing— the occluded case. Otherwise he is not able to Clear people easily, since he lacks fundamental understandings which became commonplace many years ago.

Once again, its purpose had everything to do with speed of clearing, most definitely including the speed with which auditors could be trained to accomplish the clearing of others.

The Modern Science extensioon Mental Health, continuing through each successive text, and comprised of individual lessons embracing the primary definitions and senior data of every breakthrough within those texts. Moreover, they were for study at home. All of which explains his January announcement in Ability magazine:. And finally, there was the last frontier to truly global expansion: In that regard, his new discovery concerning mental image pictures had revealed something else, something even greater—the anatomy of confusion and order.

As extensjon what Mr. Hubbard then revealed, it was no less than the senior ability of a thetan, beginning with the pervasive datum:. For as he next demonstrated in application, here was the most rock-bottom basic in bringing order to a preclear, an organization…an entire society.


Therein lies the story of how these three subjects—Scientology itself, training of auditors, and administrative know-how—coalesced to provide rxtension answer to the creation of a new civilization, as contained in Mr.

Indeed, it is a lecture of such importance L. All told, when the Success Congress was over an entirely new era had begun. After all, the next time Scientologists assembled at a Congress to hear from L. The announcement of technology for wide scale clearing, hundreds or dinetics thousands at a time—by one auditor.

Ron Hubbard What is Scientology?

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All of which explains his January announcement in Ability magazine: Hubbard then revealed, it was no less than the senior ability of a thetan, beginning with the pervasive datum: It seems cookies are disabled in your browser or an ad blocker is enabled. Please ensure cookies are enabled and cousre ad blocking software is disabled for the site to function properly.