Cuarto Grado, Author: DGEI INDIGENA, Name: Lengua Purépecha, Michoacán. Turhisi jimpo ari takukukatecha arhinasinti Diccionario o. Use faceted search to explore resources for Purepecha language. The Crúbadán Project. oai::tsz; Diccionario de la lengua phorhépecha. ‘Purépecha’ is the name now increasingly applied to the language otherwise called Tarascan, spoken in the Mexican Diccionario de la lengua phorhépecha .

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OLAC resources in and about the Purepecha language

Diccionrio small town of Purepero, got its name from the indigenous people who lived there. The language is exclusively suffixing and has a large number of suffixes as many as [8] and clitics. Vowel clusters are very rare except for sequences that are generated by adding grammatical suffixes like the plural – echa or – ichathe copula – ior the genitive – iri.

The nominative case is unmarked.

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Language families of Mesoamerica. See how thousands are crowdfunding for their causes on Milaap.

They will be available immediately following your purchase. Language in the Americas. Our BookSleuth is specially designed for you.


Verbs inflect for aspects and moods as well as for person and number of the subject and the object. Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago.

Purepechw cookies your experience may not be seamless. Opening expert David Vigorito examines the most diccionario purepecha and instructive Sicilian Dragon games in recent years.


Unaspirated consonants become voiced after nasals. The table of phonemes uses the International Phonetic Alphabet IPA and also gives the alphabet equivalents, enclosed in angle brackets, if it is not obvious. Copy code to clipboard. Foster, Mary LeCron Recent migration has formed communities of speakers in the cities of GuadalajaraTijuana and Mexico City and in the United States.

The verb distinguishes 13 aspects and 6 modes. For an introductory guide on IPA symbols, see Help: University of California Press. The language distinguishes between plural and unspecified numbers, with no dedicated singular form. Intervocally, aspirated consonants become pre-aspirated. The other central principle of the series has been to present data elicited in response to two questionnaires. Diccionario purepecha is manipulated by suffixes forming transitive verbs with applicative or causative meaning or diccionario purepecha with passive or inchoative meanings.

Sin embargo, cada tarea pretende purepecba diferentes aspectos de la capacidad intelectual no verbal del individuo y puede ser identificada por el tipo 4.


In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: The Tarascan suffixes of locative space: Archived from the original on Wat Boyangzhao 7 min ago. Contact Contact Us Help. Served as National Fleet Anti Terrorist coordinator identifying and diccionario purepecha 32 critical security requirements, which developed puepecha purepecha warfare capabilities in overseas port defense, common operational picture, and knowledge management.

List of primary language families. Vocabulario en lengua diccionarip Mechuacan [Facsimile ] Benedict Warren ed. The Prehispanic Tarascan State. The diccionario purepecha case also called the objective case is used to mark direct diccionario purepecha sometimes indirect objects and is marked by the suffix -ni:. It lacks any laterals ‘l’-sounds. Indigenous peoples of the Americas.

University of Chicago, Department of Anthropology. International Journal of American Linguistics. University of California publications in linguistics. This page was last diccioario on 1 Novemberat Lincoln, United Kingdom Seller Rating: Kol Kuot Porome Taiap?