Promise of the Wolves: Wolf Chronicles Book One [Dorothy Hearst] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fantasy of wolves. A young wolf. Brilliantly weaving together original research, lovable characters and a dynamic, thoroughly engaging plot, The Wolf Chronicles is an adventure story in the. Summary: An absorbing and fascinating creation myth novel along the lines of Watership Down, but set among wolves and early humans.

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As Kaala and Azzuen grow and learn to be wolf, they learn of the covenant of the Wide Valley, which governs the lives of all who live there, and forbids wolves to consort with humans. Only if yearst pack leader decides they are strong enough to survive and accepts them as pack do they receive their name. It was strangely easy. Usually all wolf pups are killed when they are mixed blood, but they decided not fo kill her because eolves had a lucky crecent moon shape on her fur.

So in this book while the main characters are wolves with a scene stealing raven, I sometimes had trouble visualizing the wolves communicating with one another because it just didn’t seem real.

Like love so much that I want to hug and squeeze the book to little pieces kind of love. But Kaala’s not pack yet. I am so excited to read the next in the series and hopefully see Kaala reunited with her mother.

Reading Group Guide – Dorothy Hearst

Accompanied by Azzuen, a male pup who Ruuqo initially thought too weak to live, Kaala struggles to overcome three challenges every pup in the pack must face. Kaala promie care about any of this.

Hearst has a way of making her characters stand out even without giving in depth background for each and every one. It’s a creation myth really, telling the story of the earliest human civilisations and the evolution of wolf to dog.

The road Kaala travels to ultimate understanding is a tortured one that, at times, borders on the tiresome, but this is a minor drawback in a book whose strength is in the depiction of life in and among wolf packs. It’s first person narrative–the POV of a young wolf, Kaala.

She always sneaks off in secret from her pack and visits the humans. Jul 23, Glenn rated it really liked it. Book ratings by Goodreads. This is not an easy role for Kaala to assume, because it involves serious risk.


Promise of the Wolves | Book by Dorothy Hearst | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

It’s rare to find a book that tells the tale from the point of view of an animal, and even rarer to find one that pulls it off this well. All she wants is to be accepted by Ruuquo and to join the pack. Wolf pups don’t receive their names until they emerge from their den and are inspected by the leader of the pack.

Born of a forbidd What is the promise of the wolf? Her world and view are unique enough to make we want to continue reading the series, Unfortunately, this is the first book.

At least tue what the wolves of the Wide Valley believe. Obviously, there is more development in some characters, like Kaala or Azzuen, than others, but as a reader, you still get a good sense of each character. Through repeated conversations with Greatwolves, spiritwolves, and Ancients, the young wolf comes to realize that she is the latest in a line of mixed bloods who have the opportunity and challenge of forming an alliance with humans in order to remind them of the interconnectivity of life and to prevent them from destroying their world.

Just send us an email and we’ll put the best up on the site. Until a young wolf dorotht to break the rules–and forever alters the relationship between wolves and the humans who share their world.

Nov 29, Kelly rated it really liked it. hexrst

Reading Group Guide

The plot was very flat and the only excitement if you can all it that was the almost-war that never came to be.

Kaala and her young packmates begin hunting and playing with humans—risking expulsion from their pack and banishment from their home in the Wide Valley. Are you attempting to make a timely statement? Although the plot was simple, it was still interesting. Dorothy Hearst Reviewed by Jill Murphy 4. In the book, you recount the legend of Indru, the first wolf to teach humans the wolf way of the hunt.

I was captivated by this book from the moment i read the synposis on the back. The timing of these unexplained advances correlates, more or less, with when the first wolves appeared. A remarkable look into the mind of another kind of being. She has enemies in Ruuquo and in fellow pup Unnan but she finds allies in many other members of the pack, in her raven friend Tlitoo, and in the mysterious spirit wolf who comes to her at moments of crisis. Ruuqo lacks the dignified grace you expect most leaders To have, and while I did like Rissa quite a bit more due to her outspokenness whenever she thought Ruuqo was being a fool, she became much more unlikable the older the pups got.


I’ve already ordered the 2nd book in the trilogy from my library, and will probably buy the whole collection once the 3rd book comes out. The early portion of the book spends sufficient time on this and helps you establish an emotional bond with the main character. Lies that force her to choose oc safety for herself and her friends and the survival of her pack–and perhaps of all wolf- promse humankind.

Though she’s not seen as an equal by the other wolves and is treated with prejudice, she finds a Wolves on a trek avoiding humans is a pretty common theme, I find. Please, God, let the film rights rorothy purchased by someone who will make a decent, PG-rated animated movie out of this wonderful story.

Reviewed by Harmony for TeensReadToo. A war is brewing between humans and wolves and Kaala may be the only one who can stop oc.

Jun 30, fenrir rated it liked it. Ruuqo hasn’t accepted her name, the sign of acceptance to the pack, and although he’s been forbidden to kill her, he’s making life as hard for her as possible in the hope that she’ll simply die off.

At first, I thought it would be unfair to the author to write a review for a book Ths only partially read, but as I’ve thought about it, I realized that in the first four chapters of the book, I had formed an opinion that was strong enough to make me decide to set it down, and I feel it’s important to share what led to such a strong opinion.