DQT Handbook – Arabic – RTA . Driver qualification handbook – CHINESE version (Full) – RTA Road Users Handbook – English – RTA – NSW Government. DQT Handbook – Vietnamese – RTA. READ . Handbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy Vietnam Handbook (Footprint Travel Guide) (Footprint Handbook). View More. dqt – handbook to teach nsw drivers safe road skills and to pass the driver qualification test. Road Users’ Handbook • Hazard perception handbook.

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For overtake questions obviously don’t overtake at all. You are driving on a 3 lane freeway in between two trucks.

DKT Test – Driver Knowledge Exam Questions Online Practice

So do not worry about dat Part 1, I might have one question going wrong where they asked me about Fatigue and its percentage but i quess its OK. Whenever you see a hazard tap that screen.

Road Warrior 17 May at Mitch Kable 27 October at Questions structure was a bit different, but qualitative questions were quite straight forward. The test question pool is quite huge. G 6 January at They won’t fail you well not if handbookk start going crazy with the touchscreen. How can the driver check the blind spot? I think i over tapped hehe i actually knew i had failed halfway through so at one point i accidentally let out a really loud goofy laugh For right turn questions, the gap has to be at least 5 seconds, when in doubt don’t turn.

Thankyou your so thoughtful and I appreciate that so much. Some of the questions that came handdbook for me from were: Just passed the test, used this article solely and it worked brilliantly, kudos to the author! Andy Nguyen 25 March at Hi, i took this test yesterday and failed on the Hazards section.

But just want it to let u know that the questions they were totally different from what is shown on this page. But hsndbook there will be some questions you may not know the answers to,but you can definitely cancel out the silly options and you will more than likely pick the right one!


Just want to say a massive thankyou to the author and everyone else, passed first go today. Yes that is correct.

Practice Driver Knowledge Test (DKT Test) Questions Online for FREE

Fatalities stumped me here because I only knew about crashes. Just pretend you’re a driver and just think where you would slow down, brake in real life This blog really really helped me in the right direction. I’m not sure if this is still active but I’m going for this test Saturday and I’m a bit confused on the slow down bits of part 2, so you’re meant to touch the screen every time the same vehicle in front of you brakes, indicates etc?

For section 2, plenty of people have already written plenty of useful information. Triheart 8 April at Dqh example this scenario: Just want to say thank you because I passed! Adam James Avery 30 December at I’m not sure why turning after the second car white is wrong. Right handbook, slowing down when are hazards are approaching etc Turning right into a side street from the main road what seems to be a highway.

It would be C, which is the safest option. Part 2 HPT contains 10 questions based on 10 videos where you have to either point out hazards by slowing down, when it is safe to turn right, and when it is safe to overtake.

When to slow down- when the car is too close with the vehicle in front AND when the car gets close to a van in the left lane because the van will indicate shortly afterwards and jump lanes to be in front of you. Or are they animations?

As i said, yhr best way to study for it is too read the summary points at the end of each section. Jo Baee 22 June at I just went to do my DQT and did not need to do the test due to changes in provisional licensing And you can see clearly from the headlights.


The Silent Speculator: Driver Qualification Test (DQT) NSW Questions / Tips NSW

However i was late on this, so i didn’t touch. How far ahead should you be looking as part of a scanning routine? Part 1 for me was my worry because there has always been questions that I don’t know the answer to, but I’m sure you’re allowed to get one wrong.

AA RR 18 September at I got a question about “low alcohol” hours. But overall, very easy and you can just guess if you have common sense. Can someone please explain this to me? What is a good scanning procedure? Negligent driving has a maximum prison term of: Hey i took the test today and failed because of the same thing amd also when there are two lanes and your behind the truck and you need to obviously slow down so i didnt know if i should keep tapping or only tap once.

Stephanica Jessy 13 December at I have tried to recall all of that from memory, so please be aware of the accuracy and I may have probably have missed a few things on how the scenario went, but hopefully, the above should give a better idea of what to expect at least.

Ah that sucks, think they might have changed the questions or maybe there’s a really hanbdook pool of questions to choose from so thats why Blackstock 17 January rqt G 25 October at