DRAGON LORDS OF MELNIBONE (8 trademark applied for by Chaosium Inc. Similarities between characters in DRAGON LORDS OF MELNIBONE and. “Dragon Lords of Melnibone” provides a heroic setting for your d20 System game in a complete and detailed roleplaying world developed by Chaosium Inc. and. I just got mine yesterday, and have been voraciously devouring it since. First off, there is a section that introduces the reader to the Elric saga, and provides a.

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The map provided isn’t that great, but it’ll do.

Dragon Lords of Melnibone

Imagine a Rogue with Wings! I think the 3E mechanic of spending exp is more suited to the system. Friday, 31st January, Finally, there is actually an index, a rarity for non WotC d20 products.

Even though the type is pretty large, it’s a thick book. Carthorse marked it as to-read Apr 23, But alas, this is not the case, and if you intend to do an Elric-saga type game, you may find it prudent to do some more of your own work on the system before you dive in. No longer is a talking door a mere magic mouth. Jason added it Jun 09, Kurt Cason marked it as to-read Nov 11, Unfortunately the magic items presented lack information for creation, or at least gold value, making them less useful than they could be Conclusion Dragon Lords of Melnibone stands well compared to the other worlds released for d20 and Dungeons and Dragons thus far.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The island of Melnibone and the world of the Young Kingdoms wage their eternal battle in a fully developed and extensive storyline. For me the editing errors and D20 inconsistencies mar the usability of the product. The reconstructed generic NPCs are useful for on the spot statistics of NPCs that derivate from the class standards presented in the DMG, as are the stats and notes on the significant NPCs from the Saga for those who wish to have their group interact with them.


A good, useful section overall. The major rule alterations that are presented in the book are summarized. Robert Howard’s magic was similar to Moorecock’s, and it would be a good starting point. Man, sorry to hear that!

Dragon Lords of Melniboné (PDF version) | RPG Item Version | RPGGeek

Chaosium didn’t really put their all into this product. For fans, however, this book is just the ticket. All seem properly Moorcockian to me.

This was lifted directly from Elric! A brief discussion on the Young Kingdom’s magic, technology, economy, and language are also provided.

Return to Book Page. Monday, 2nd May, Errors The following errors occurred with your submission.

Major wounds are an expansion of the critical hit rules, causing substantial damage to someone who is hit by a critical hit or suffers more damage than their con score with a single strike. Dragonlords has not failed to continue that heritage. The mechanics are well designed to fit into the 3e spell system, each demon permanently consuming a spell slot while it is bound, though I fear many players will baulk at the xp cost.

Fifteen different artists contributed to the interior artwork, and it is generally good. Pow” roll from the Elric! Game System is a useful section, with plenty of material useable regardless of whether you are running a Young Kingdoms campaign or not.

Dragon Lords of Melniboné РWikipedia

I just got mine yesterday, and have been voraciously devouring it since. David Hill added it Jul 23, Originally reviewed by Jesse Dean of AtFantasy. They make magic a lot more colorful and fantastic.


The demon summoning system is interesting and offers a different way of maintaining game balance by having stat point costs to bind demons Dravon speaking, you only get to summon the wimpiest demons. Allegiance is, of course, the equivalent of alignment in Elric’s world. This section provides a sufficient introduction to the setting, providing a firm basis for moving on to the book. The new system notes include demon summoning and an allegience system that measures ones alleigances with respect to the forces of law and chaos in the setting.

Each nation has at least five paragraphs providing information about the rise of the nation, its topography, its current politics, and its religion. The book has some good ideas and material, but given this, the implementation it is merely “alright. All characters have a rating in each of Balance, Law, Chaos that changes on the characters actions: Mar 08, Mike the Paladin rated it liked it.

A list of the Elric stories to date, and their continents, are also summarized, giving a reader who is new to the Saga a good overview. Relics and Rituals, for example, only introduced one lirds. Nationality is very important for Young Kingdom characters.

It’s a cut-and-paste job of the latest edition of the Elric rules to d