Dwellings of the Philosophers by Fulcanelli and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at What’s your problem with Fulcanelli and The Hairy Pootter saga? Can you explain a little bit more? Personnaly, I see not problem reading HP. “Dwellings of the Philosophers” (Les Demeures Philosophales) was the second and the last known work of Fulcanelli as first published in

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I invoke you under the name you possess in the language of the birds, in that of hieroglyphics, in that of the Jews, in that of the Egyptians, in that of the cynocephales It is then possible, from a metal close to gold — silver preferably — to produce a small dwellinvs of the precious metal.

If, in particular, we examine the expression of statues, we will quickly be edified by the peaceful character, the pure tranquility that emanates from these figures. Children are plum, replete, and blooming.

The Dwellings of the Philosophers : Fulcanelli :

Thus, the only approach that we can address to chemical science is that it does not take into account the igneous agent, spiritual principle and basis of energetics, under whose influence all material transformations occur.

I think that sooner or later, a pneumatician will soon vanish if there is no effort made, ‘poushh’ Among the anagrams destined to cover up the names of their authors, we will indicate the one of Limojon de Saint-Didier: St Thomas, embracing the entire philosophy of his time as a whole, went farther at times than ours; he has bound all of human knowledge into a perpetual syllogism and completely unwound it following the thread of a continuous reasoning, thus combing in a vast and a logical mind.

In spite of all that has been written, we ought to accustom ourselves, willy-nilly, to the true fact that at the beginning of the Middle Ages society was already reaching a high degree of civilization and splendor.

But, with the exception of Lully and of Basil Valentine, all these researchers, wrongly classified among alchemists, were simple archemists or learned spagyrists.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you dqellings to read. Alas, the complexity of their theories, amount of words created to explain the inexplicable, and above all, the pernicious influence of materialistic education, pushes them to search far away for that which is within their reach.


Good Lord, where are we? Clovis, we did not know it, was one of those scamps who could only be controlled with strong means Turbulent, aggressive, bellicose, quick to break everything, he thought of nothing but mischief and fights. The medieval colossus did not collapse philospphers at once in the decline of the 15th century.

The Dwellings of the Philosophers

Untiring nature works — better than in the rocky abysses — under the prudent attention of man, with the help of the stars and the grace of God. Finally, an anonymous author of the 18th century 7 gives other reasons for the difficulty that we encounter in deciphering the enigma: Vital activity, very apparent in animals and vegetables, is no less apparent in the mineral kingdom, although it requires sharper attention by the observer.

How to reconcile the unreconcilable?

Buffalo Roy rated it really liked it Oct 19, This question comes very close to the transmutation of metals. Nevertheless, the first impression we receive from them, as strange and confusing as it may seem, remains vibrant and persuasive. And it is the same thing with languages. It is the systematic exclusion of this spirit, higher will, and fulxanelli dynamism fulcznelli things, which deprives modem chemistry of the philosophical character alchemy possesses.

The fearsome reptile emerges from an obscure recess, stretches the chain of his vertebrae on his stout legs and dwellijgs the bony abyss of his frightful jaws towards the arched ceiling.

In the elevated regions of the atmosphere when the sun reaches its zenith, the cupolas of hot-air balloons are covered with frost and the passengers suffer from intense cold. In the yearconscripts assigned to the 46th Infantry Regiment in garrison in Paris could every week meet a rather unusual professor crossing the courtyard of the Louis-Philippe barracks.

Science thus appears as the ruler of Strength and Love, opposing the superiority of mind t the physical manifestations of power and feeling. When the bar is about to give, it shows a constriction, and the exact spot fulcaneli marked. The anonymous author of a curious manuscript 1 thinks that “the word alchemy is derived from als which means salt in Greek and from chymie which means fusion, and it is thus well named, since salt which is so admirable has been usurped”.

Full text of “Fulcanelli Dwellings Of The Philosophers”

Placed randomly, in case of need, on the bed-plate of the furnace, notice these vitrified pots, aludels, and sublimatories; these pelicans with thick walls; these infernal vessels similar to large eggs whose chalazas are visible, these olive-colored thw buried in the middle of the sand against the athanor, with its light fumes climbing over the ribbed swellings. Indifference, ignorance, and oblivion phillsophers completed the disintegrating action of centuries.


The 15th century marks the glorious period of the science and surpasses even the preceding ones as much by the value as byte number of the masters who rendered it illustrious.

Everywhere trades are developing under the protection of medieval corporations; everywhere guildmen vie with one another in their skill; everywhere emulation multiplies masterpieces. It is even opposed to rejecting this idea as an absurdity which could be demonstrated by the present state of our knowledge”.

You give it wine, it gives you back tannin, alcohol and water in equal weights. Duclaux 2 says, “bivalent copper iodide spontaneously decomposes into iodine and monovalent copper iodide. It does not call to their authority, nor does it remember their names; it only takes pride in having obliterated them”.

It is true that these processes are often incomplete and enveloped in mystery almost as dense as that of the Great Work.

Canseliet afferma che Fulcanelli scrisse anche un terzo libro, Finis Gloriae Mundi, che fu consegnato al Fulcanelli scrisse Il mistero delle cattedrali nel e Le dimore filosofali nelche trattano dei simboli alchemici presenti nelle architetture delle antiche cattedrali gotiche, per quanto riguarda il primo volume, e di quelle di altre costruzioni, nel secondo.

It would be interesting to know why our children, among so many admirable discoveries whose daily applications they have before their eyes, rather know Pascal and his wheelbarrow than the men of genius to whom we owe steam, the battery, beet sugar, and the stearic candle.

We would be most assuredly wrong to exclude the dwelling with such a characteristic frontispiece from the number of emblematic works which we propose to study under the general title of Dwellings of the Philosophers.