EL ANTISUYO 3 DE 3. EL ANTISUYO 3 DE 3. K Views. 61 Likes18 Shares. English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil) · Français (France) · Deutsch. EL ANTISUYO (Primera Parte) SpSonSsoSredS. · September 18, ·. EL ANTISUYO (Primera Parte). K Views. 88 Likes1 Comment33 Shares · Share. Paddys Irish Pub on the path of the Antisuyo. From the current main square in Cusco lead four large roads to the 4 regions of the.

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To make the transfer by Western Unionhave an additional fee of 4. The shipment must be done in my name, do not send another name other than the eo below: Search the Internet www. You can also send directly from your bank in your country, ask there sending money to other countries, then you handed a form of money sent.

To pay by credit card or Visa debit is an additional fee of 8. To pay with the card: Fill in all the data requested in the form to which the payment is successful. And finally, click the pay.

This is the procedure. Veja Disponibilidade Trilha Inca. Inca Trail Antisuyo antiisuyo Day. Transfer from your hotel 1 lunch snack First aid kits.

General conditions The itineraries of our website are only indicative and can be fully tailored to meet your expectations. See our private service.

The values express a quote and fixed at the time of confirmation of reservations. They are thus subject to change without notice, in this case, also due to currency fluctuations between currencies. To enter Peru in the country need the original RG, in good condition and less than 10 years of broadcast or passport valid for at least 6 months. Children under 18, the child must be in the company of a parent or an authorization issued by the Federal Police of each country.


The yellow fever vaccine is not required, but is suggested by the Peruvian government.

Usually, this group consists of a maximum of 15 people, but there may be cases where it is up to 30 people. Because of the new baggage handling standards in Peru RailRoute To: The hand luggage allowed in transport by rail, per person: They are ideal for individuals or groups wanting a private and personalized service.

Tour schedules are more flexible. The circuits may be appropriate according to the choice of the passenger. Hotels are reported from those anticipated in the itinerary, and be remedied at the time, if it was not confirmed at the time of booking.

Note that according to the Department of Culture Cuscowhich aims to improve the security, control and maintenance of Huayna Picchupassengers wishing to visit this attraction, must be confirmed in advance, because the ticket can not be purchased on site.

This entry should be sent along with the entrance to Machu Picchu.

However, you can only join two groups up to people each group. The first group will enter from 7: The same agency reports that visits to Machu Picchu begin to have a limit number of tourists per day.

Maximum number of people is 2, tourists a day. After the deposit must send the voucher number or scanning the proof of payment and data: The data we need are: How to make the transfer. Complete the form to send money.


Ensure you get the form antisuyk send money States that the shipment must be in US dollars and write the amount in letters Write in numbers the amount of money sent.

Copying data recipient in the anntisuyo described here.

File:Camino Inca hacia el Antisuyo desde el Cusco.jpg

Pay in cash the amount you want to send the shipping fee. Once the deposit has been made must give you a bill that includes your MTCN: Please let us know by email the value sent antisuy the MTCN number. To confirm the deposit and proceed to make payments and confirmations of reservations. Usually, this group consists of a maximum of 15 people, but there may be cases is up to 25 people.

The guides are in Spanish or English.

Paddys Irish Pub on the path of the Antisuyo – Paddy’s Irish Pub – Cusco, Peru

The antiusyo are fixed and can not be changed. They are ideal for people who like a customized services. Antisuto trips are done in private vehicles and the guides are in the required language. The schedule of the tours may have more flexibility, visits may be appropriate according to the passenger’s choice. Prices have additional costs and may vary according to the number of passengers. Puno Puno – Titicaca Lake. Package All Peru Pack: Calle Triunfo – office: Breakfast and Dinner mineral waters Tips.