El antropólogo inocente es un texto ciertamente insólito del que se dijo: « Probablemente el libro más divertido que se ha publicado este año. Nigel Barley hace. Buy El Antropologo Inocente by Nigel Barley (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , María Pía Poblete S. and others published Nigel Barley: El Antropólogo Inocente }.

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And it is extremely funny. Yes, definitely I’ve changed my idea of humor. Lyrie rated it it was ok Sep 24, Por ejemplo, Barley descubre un nido de escorpiones en su choza y sale chillando y agitando los brazos en dowayo aproximativo “bestias de fuego, bestias de fuego!

I absolutely adored this inocrnte and recommend it to anyone who has spent time in Africa. It sntropologo the calabash with relish. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. His descriptions are indeed innocent but insightful.

El antropólogo inocente by Nigel Barley (4 star ratings)

This, along with selecting a location, takes a chapter, and forms the basis for the full extent of the book. Barley lays bare the fairly selfish and sometimes wrong-headed motivations of anthropologists from the beginning of the book, but his fieldwork is clearly thorough and complete.

Except they’re too young in the field to get the professional jokes. Il finira par comprendre que l’objet d’observation, en fait, c’est lui. No white man, at this time, had ever been known to touch beer.

As my own ‘piece of equipment essential for the field’ I would strongly recommend a tennis racket; it is devastatingly effective in clearing a room of bats. As the son of an anthropologist I found this an excellent account on what it is to be an anthropologist doing his mythical ‘field work”. I remember thinki9ng it was hysterically funny when Dr.


Unlikely much ethnographic writing Barley is able to reflect on the impact of his own actions and presence in the field without turning it into a long-winded, esoteric exercise in navel-gazing. The Innocent Anthropologist 2 books. My graduate school mentor gave me this book years ago after she read it, and I’m upset it took antropolpgo this long to read it!

Karolina rated it it was ok Mar 04, Dowayo dogs are not beautiful at the best of times; this one was particularly loathsome, emaciated, open wounds on its ears where flies feasted, huge distended ticks hanging from its belly. Though, it didn’t change my mind about going for archaeology haha.

Nix rated it it was ok Sep 29, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Several more calabashes followed.

It was refilled and passed to me. This ep around I didn’t find it amusing at all.

El antropólogo inocente

Since most of ethnography is confusion, frustration, illness and loneliness, this is very entertaining. Finally his travels to Cameroon begin. As my own ‘piece of equipment essential for the field’ I would strongly recommend a tennis racket; it is devastatingly effective in clearing a room of bats. The perfect antidote to the pretentious, arid novel I just finished reading which so many people on Goodreads raved about Only his closest friends have noticed he has been away at all I felt very irritated at the beginning of his book.

At times I was unsure if I find the descriptions of Barley’s life in Cameroon racist or at least stereotyping. Amazing book, even for someone with outside interest in the field. I fed them on rice and oatmeal, which Dowayos who never feed them at all found a huge extravagance.

In turn, their concerns may seem extremely small and prosaic to you. Perhaps my idea of what’s funny has been transmagorified over time.

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Las aventuras y desventuras de Nigel Barley han sido un maravilloso descubrimiento. However, this might be because he lets the cat out of the bag by suggesting in his own tale that fieldwork is not the scientific, detached, coherent endeavour some would have us nugel. But in that case, you won’t write a very readable book.

El antropólogo inocente by Nigel Barley (5 star ratings)

Hay una Un libro sencillamente genial. Esteban rated it it was ok Jul 14, Will definitely pull this book out again for stress relief, especially on rough African days A nice little ethnography of the Dowayo people of western Africa written by angropologo very dryly hilarious Brit. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Kevin rated it it was ok Oct 10, B de Bea rated it it was ok Aug 27, Javier rated it it was ok Feb 14, It loved his dry British humor, his mockery of his own profession, and the endless stories which seem universally African.

Nigel Barley isn’t sure he wants to baeley actual fieldwork as an anthropologist, but since it seems to be expected, and he’s got nothing else particularly interesting to do, he goes to Africa to study the culture of the Dawayo people.

I re-read it every few years and it makes me laugh every time.

Instead he is able to be self-deprecating and humorous in a way that few anthropologists are. He has a wittiness that reminds me, oddly enough, of the way that Hugh Grant’s characters often poke fun at themselves in movies.