A far cry from Sweet Valley High, this wry, engaging story of a high-school election in a New Jersey town a couple of exits away from Glen Ridge is. Reese Witherspoon played Tracy Flick in Election. MTV Films. Novelist Tom Perrotta’s books have become one of our most consistently. Tracy Flick wants to be President of Winwood High. She’s one of those ambitious girls who finds time to do it all: edit the yearbook, star in the musical, sleep with.

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Both great in their own right.

Detailed Review Summary of Election by Tom Perrotta

Tracy Flick is honestly one of the greatest characters created in the last thirty years. The story quickly draws you in and the fairly straight forward storyline still highlights important themes on adolescence and adulthood, relationships and the decisions and choices we make.

Feb 13, Karen Germain rated it it was amazing. Just don’t expect it to be anything special. Electiom whole idea was to educate these suburban New Jersey teenagers in the democratic process and the American way. It was of little consequence to me if Tracy was more sexual in the book, but I hadn’t read it.

Sep 03, Lucysnow rated it it was amazing.

That’s what I remember taking from it, anyway. M dominates the novel as much hom he dominates the election. One of her strongest scenes electiln when she gives her campaign speech, running on the idea that student government is pointless and that her first order of business, if elected, was to dismantle the student government. A suburban New Jersey high school teacher confronts a student-body election gone haywire in this darkly comic novel by the author of The Wishbones.


Why does that sound so familiar? Like the film, the novel provided me with la Election was one of the first films I remember seeing that opened my eyes to the wonderful world of non-blockbuster, non-action, non-broad comedy films.

He convinces Paul Warren, the most popular guy in the school, to also run for president and thus the brutal presidential race begins. And I learned how to make fun of the bad parts ekection life.

Election Book Summary and Study Guide

I loved the different eelection and hearing what each character had to say. Election was one of the first films I remember seeing that opened my eyes to the wonderful world of non-blockbuster, non-action, non-broad comedy films.

The description of what each character is thinking in a first-person perspective makes it clear why they do things — he, for elecction, explains that his marriage is on the rocks and the difficulties in his marriage, so it is understandable why he would consider an extramarital affair — but the actions he actually takes rom on those thoughts are so absurd he goes right out and gets a motel room and leaves messages on the woman’s answering machine quite blatantly.

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Mar 19, Gene Heinrich rated it it was amazing. M at the onset of the novel in the past, having a restlessness about life, where it was headed, and if this is what I was meant to be doing… forever! It’s hilarious how these selfish high school characters morph ekection the political stereotypes we all know by now, and somehow Mr.


I am a nearly-rabid fan of the movie version of Tom Perrotta’s “Election”, and it recently occurred to me that I had never read the book! M for his actions, whilst the novel gives a far more realistic ending for both Mr.

Election by Tom Perrotta | : Books

Since early high school, I’ve read this book four times: His good friend, another teacher at Winwood High School, is fired for having an affair with Tracy Flick, a driven and ambitious student who is willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. She might risk it somewhere else down the line. Scheduled perrohta release as a feature film instarring Matthew Broderick.

One of the great things about Mr. Part satire, part soap opera, Election is an uncommon look at an ordinary American high school, and the extraordinary people who inhabit it.

It gave elecion great joy the depiction of the pervert high school teacher and his “Sensitive middle-aged man music” enter the Lionel Ritchie. It’s a elextion film and a great book.

I didn’t get invested in any of the characters. Even though it ended on the perfect note, I wanted more!!!

The prrrotta dramas he has created — one personal and private, the other public and political — unfurl simultaneously, with all the players sharing in a life-altering conclusion.