Golems wait silently in dungeon corridors, ready to apprehend unwary adventurers who dare defile their former master’s sanctum. Shield guardians follow their. Game: Encyclopaedia Arcane: Constructs Publisher: Mongoose Publishing Series: d20 Reviewer: Wyrdmaster Review Dated: 4th, April DnD 3e – Encyclopaedia Arcane – Chaos , Jul , 14M. [ ], DnD 3e – Encyclopaedia Arcane – , Jul , 19M.

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Encyclopaedia Arcane: Constructs – It is Alive

The inside cover, full colour art, is rather creepy — just the thing to inspire your players. By concentrating on the first the book answers the second as well.

If you want to make good use of Constructs in your game then you simply need to purchase this book. If Constructs are going to play almost no role in your fantasy heroics, for example, then depending on your fanboy factor you may simply want the book for the inspiration, the read or to keep your set of Encyclopaedia Arcane complete.

Cleverly, by taking the already small sphere of magical constructs and diving it up into even smaller sections, the encyclopaedia manages to expand the scope and appeal of the magical genre. The Homunculus and Mockery Simulacra require casting levels of 7 and 8 respectively though.


The simulacra as the sort of things you might see rise up from a bubbling cauldron, that said, the presented rules for the power sources of these constructs is either raw magic or a bound elemental. The process for building a golem is rather detailed but not overly complicated.

You cobble together your golem in a similar way that a wizard might make his decisions. The most conxtructs decision is the base material for your golem and your choices range through wood to diamond, from shell to mithral. You then get to play around, add extra limbs, hidden weapons or associate magical effects and powers with your creation.

The example in the book is of a transumter building a large bone golem in the shape of a centaur, given the skills required to use its mighty scythe and then the special ability that allows it to track its target anywhere and everywhere.

The only issue I have with the example is that the designer skips over the Horizontal construct feat which seems required for anything designed to walk on four legs rather than two, although the bone golem does purchase an extra pair of legs I would imagine the lack of this small additional feat extra legs, extra feats! I can just picture some masterful and ancient wizard who could close the gates to hell but would get stumped if he had to wield arcand hammer for more than five minutes without smashing his thumb.


Luckily for this wizard and for GMs who like to share the scene and goals around someone else can be hired out to actually craft the physical frame of the golem. Finally there is space enough to offer advice and suggestions to GMs who wish to include constructs in their game.


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Constructs – Encyclopaedia Arcane – D20 – eBooks

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Encyclopaedia Arcane: Constructs

Geek Native “They’ve been naughty boys, haven’t they, Mr. Constructs time to read: Wyrd Reviews Masters of the Wild. Wyrd Reviews Gaming Frontiers: