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Measuring just x x 77mm and weighing 2.

What makes is more adaptable than some is its relatively high brightness rating of ANSI Lumens – which ought to cope with ambient light – though there are a few limiting factors. Its x pixels mean an XGA resolution that does make high-definition images possible, but only just. With no Full HD capabilities though it can prohector p imagesimages are best kept to about inches maximum – but that ought to be enough for many classrooms and boardrooms.

Epson Europe EB-X11 Projector

The ins and outs on this 3LCD projector – whose lamp is rated at around 4, hours – mark it out as a plain-and-simple data projector. There are plenty of options for hooking up a laptop or PC: It’s got more audio options than most projectors, too, with a set of phono inputs alongside a 3. A drop-down but tweak-able prop stand on the front is complemented by two screw-down legs at the back – an unusual double-act – but it’s the various image alignment options that make the EB-X11 shine.


The lens itself has manual dials to adjust its 1. Vertical keystone is done automatically. Placed just a metre from our test screen the EB-X11 produced a crisp, bright image measuring 36 inches, though considering its lack of ultimate HD detail we settled on placing it two metres away, from where we quickly aligned a good-looking inch image.

It was then possible to take control of the cursor onscreen, though it’s far from perfect; it replicates the shape of the host computer’s desktop area, so black bars at the top and bottom of the image are likely. The cursor function is cute, but not great; the remote needs some kind of joystick because the five directional buttons are a bit stunted and slow.

The high brightness lamp makes the EB-X11 usable in daylight, and that’s the big advantage. However, if we’re talking image finery, there’s a flip-side; low contrast.

Epson EB-X11 Projector ( ANSI Lumens, XGA): : TV

It’s fine for data, but try watching video and the colours seem over-cooked. The pixel grid is always obvious, too.

Video also brings quite a lot of blur, so we don’t recommend taking the Pfojector home for the weekend to watch a movie. Keep it in the office, where it will excel with bright projections of graphics and documents that always look crisp and well-defined – as long as you don’t blow up the image too much.


Getting the image spot-on can sometimes be tricky, but Epson offers plenty of help with some quick manual adjustments and an excellent automatic keystone correction mode. The icing is the noise, or lack of; the EB-X11 produces an average of just 65 decibels in operation on full brightness, but it reduces to 57 decibels in Eco mode.

Talking of noise, the built-in speaker is absolutely great – bex11 goes to a high volume without distorting, and porjector a lot more range than we had expected. We’re also missing the lens shift levers that Epson often fits its projectors with, and which make off-centre placement much easier. Without any networking or app options and with media playback limited to photos from a USB stick, the EB-X11 is pretty basic and doesn’t make the jump to showing decent video.

However, there is room for low-priced but ultra-bright projectors like this one – its powerful lamp and excellent, if limited, images make sure of that. Highly portable and very dependable, the EB-X11 is so easy to set-up and fulfils its simple brief with the minimum of fuss. It’s a lesson in how to make a great classroom projector.

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