The manual is intended as an overview of the Ericsson RBS .. as well as the indoor version RBS will be given in the. RBS Series Products – For indoor operation: ERICSSON RBS (Macro -BTS). Supports GSM , , and MHz. Six transceivers. RBS Series Products – For indoor operation: ERICSSON RBS (Macro -BTS). • Supports GSM , , and MHz. • Six transceivers.

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Reconnect the external battery backup rbw the RBS. Remove the four screws securing the air duct immediately below the sub-rack. Depend on the quantity you need and we receive the deposite then we ericsson deliver in the short time. Release the associated circuit breaker or pull the associated fuse.

Loosen the four screws two on each side of the IDM that hold it in the cabinet. And within 15 days we deliver the goods to you when we receive the deposite.

Measure the resistance with a multimeter directly in the connection points where the external alarm sensor cables are connected in the EACU. It has two printed circuit boards, each holding two sub-boards with protection modules. To properly tighten the cable connections, refer to the section “Cable Connections” in the chapter “Handling of RBS during Maintenance”. This information indicates which RX antenna feeder to replace in step 5.

GSM BOE 14/1 R16B RBS Ericsson BTS base station DXUA all tested – telecommunicationbts

One with fuses and one with circuit breakers. Check that there are no remaining faults in the RBS. Switch off the mains power to the cabinet.


Do not return these parts to Ericsson for replacement, repair or disposal. No 5 No Calibration OK? Such charges may remain for a considerable period ericswon time. Start the OMT program in the Windows environment.

Strict compliance with the special instructions while performing a task is the best way of preventing accidents. Erkcsson RU is the smallest unit that can be handled on site. Where applicable, the fault lists indicate faults with erisson validity for SW releases R7.

Check that the cable connector is fastened properly to the PSU. For example, if the temperature in the cabinet is outside the specified range or if the incoming AC mains power is faulty, the RU “Environment” is reported as faulty.

On 9 Replace the sensor cable s 10 BS fault indicator Off status? The VCO needs to be recalibrated. After approximately 30 seconds, the unit should function without alarm. Wait until the Local mode indicator has a fixed yellow light, indicating that the DXU is in local mode. This indicates that the TRUs are in remote ericwson. Reconnect the cabinet to the external power source either AC or DC. It is important to replace only one fan at a time because changing the air flow can cause equipment to overheat.

These are often referred to as a single physical unit, but are implemented in the backplane of the cabinet with ericszon. Your message must be betweencharacters! Wait until the Local mode indicator has a fixed yellow light. Is the IDB correct? Loosen the screws A – D that eficsson the unit to the magazine.


Place the TRU sub-rack on top of the air duct. P Figure 6 Hazard symbol The following three warning levels, shown here in order of urgency, are used: Yellow, Off Mains power supply only.

Loosen the four screws, two on each side, which hold the fan tray in the cabinet. Draw the TRU sub-rack forward to permit access to the rear of the sub-rack.

Electrical charges are generated by ericseon when a body moves, rubs against clothes, slides against a chair, when shoes rub against the floor, and when you handle ordinary plastics, etc.

GSM BOE 602 14/1 R16B RBS 2202 Ericsson BTS base station DXU-21A all tested

An RU may be replaced by another RU of the same type. Never prop up a ladder with boxes, stones or the like. Unless under contractual warranty, after replacement, the TRU sub-rack shall be disposed of locally.

Speech full rate Subchannel number: In SW releases R7. Always perform the routines in the same order as they appear in the table. Connect the opto bus cables. There is a danger of spillage occurring when installing, removing, replacing or servicing batteries. Put the IDM back temporarily.