Evangeline Anderson – Roto para Siempre Etiquetas: Evangeline Anderson .. Evangeline Anderson – Serie La Misión 4/4 · Evangeline Anderson – Los Perdidos 2/2 · Evangeline Anderson – Esclavo Comprometido. Evangeline Anderson – Hasta que le Reino Llegue Etiquetas: Evangeline Anderson .. Evangeline Anderson – Serie La Misión 4/4 · Evangeline Anderson – Los Perdidos 2/2 · Evangeline Anderson – Esclavo Comprometido. Evangeline Anderson – Los Perdidos 2/2 Etiquetas: Evangeline Anderson .. Evangeline Anderson – Los Perdidos 2/2 · Evangeline Anderson – Esclavo Comprometido · Evangeline Anderson – Chicos Heteros · Evangeline.

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Love rated it liked it. I liked his brother but he was to caught up in his ex. Like the TakeMe which is an animal with two heads one on either side of its body that can grow or decrease in size. And how could I not read a borderline erotic sci-fi romance with what I call a yummy, possessive hot alpha type alien male? She was mean and cold hearted, don’t get me wrong I’m sure it would be hard to be taken from earth BUT she only ever thought about her self and she was just plain stupid at times.

I highly recommend it! Fans of Christine Znderson will like Claimed.

I enjoyed the world built by Anderson very much, so much so that the minute I finished Claimed I bought book 2, Hunted. If you can get evageline Liv, it’s a good esclzvo. They also sleep in the same bed and can touch. I mean, can you acually use that thing without being arrested for assault with a deadly weapon? Just look at human societies, when there are not enough available females. So, I gave this book a five andrson, when the heroine actually pushed this book to a three star on multiple occasions.


Talk about alpha overload. Feb 26, Katie babs rated it liked it. My rating for this book is 2 stars. We learn about foods they have like fireflower juice and a special dish made of alive worms they need to die just before you eat them and they taste like chocolate. Baird is a Beast Kindred; his tormented soul is ready to claim his bride. So why not give it go! Jan 01, B. Evangelinw eyes rolled a few times while reading. They are not just erotic and exotic they have well developed characters and plenty of intriguing elements, making the books so addictive.

I wish the author had condensed everything. Instead, we have a wet blanket tease of a heroine.

I think she was suck on the whole lust at first site more than him. And on another side note: I look forward to the future stories in this series evangelie one I recommend you check out.

But I’m one of those feminists that doesn’t believe being submissive in the sac diminishes you as a strong female. I understand being a strong woman but the blame throwing really got to me after a while. Nasally, horrible opposite gender impressions. It was an odd contradiction in my opinion and that kind of sucked.


I was so enveloped in this ‘alien’ world, that I couldn’t help but push on and just hope beyond hope that Olivia unstupid herself from this whole evqngeline BS she was spewing at me with her perpetual inner dialogue.

Preview — Claimed by Evangeline Anderson. Their story introduce us in the world of Kindreds. My hopes were up for a good erotic scene but it never came, or it came when my interest was nil.

Esclavo Comprometido – Evangeline Anderson (YunJae Mode)

Let’s be real falling in love with seeing someone in dreams. Even when they’re really similar to sex scenes in other books of hers. Holy Mother of Pearl! This is a strictly read book. She had just finished nursing school and her twin and bestie were all she needed to make comprlmetido happy. This was an absolutely amazing book, I couldn’t possibly say enough about it.

Claimed (Brides of the Kindred, #1) by Evangeline Anderson

There are long passages of internal dialogue from Olivia and shifting back and forth between her sister on Earth and then back on the ship.

This was setting up to be a hilariously over the top sci-fi sex romp. It’s fun to see how he tries anderwon work out his thing, yet Olivia always turns him down.