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He taught his rich philosophy to all, opened great hidden depths of thought to the public eye, explained the most subtle truths to barbarian ears, and—threw pearls to swine.

It is for generative ends only, and the nervous state precedent to, and succeeding it, gistory but the natural spur to the God-foreseen result; therefore, say they, the sacred nuptium is permissible only when both parents desire to add one more unit to the great world’s population.

I hope this thought will be carefully studied and understood. We all know that the better side of man is the she or mother side; and that from it spring euls the major elements of both his greatness and his goodness; and we admire an intellectual giant, while we adore a loving man; because from his love, not his intellect, arises all of goodness, inspiration, aspiration, generosity of soul which characterizes him.

They reduced the laws of nature to form a creed, and they made a golden calf of some special physical force, and fell down to worship it. I trust, before this kf of mine is finished, to demonstrate it to be in very truth what it claims,—a new revelation of sex, and to make one successful effort to remove the subject far above the muck, slime and filth hitherto attendant upon it; for if there is a divine thing on earth, it ought to be Love—its laws, rules, phases and moods,—knowledge of which is a redeeming power.

Lovf there she lay, poor child, upon the long work-table of good Simon Scott, the carpenter, all pale and delicate as finest Parian marble or wax-work, and eupis Now it often happens that people in whom this sort of love exists mistake its nature and significance; imagine that they were lpve for each other; and, so they are, but not for the life below.

Normal Hardbound Edition is also available on request.

They were fragments of this philosophy which, perverted by the strong individualities of Plato, Aristotle and Pythagoras, became alike the systems of their schools, the Portico, the Grove, and the Garden. No punishment can be too severe for the disseminators of the latter; no contempt too great for the authors of the former.

In a weak moment, many a man, fired with sudden and electric fire, has fallen into passion’s dreadful snare, and for a moment of delirious joy has bartered off a whole life of happiness; for when once one indulges in stolen fruit, which may be sweet, but is never so good as that which grows on one’s own trees, the habit becomes fixed, and “just once” lands him—or her—neck-deep in perdition!


The chivalry of all ages has not only proved feal to her and acknowledged its dependence upon her smile and frown, boldly fighting for her right or wrong, then, in the foretime, just as now; but has taken especial pains to celebrate individual women and the universal sex; and this worship of the second, if not the primal element of nature, has been carried further, and been more general, than the modern reader might imagine.

Now this is not so dreadful after all,—for such antics characterize all young animals,—provided his elders would take him in hand and teach him the true meaning of the origin of the strange ideas which from morbid nature, inculcation, precept and example of his associates he has imbibed, but does not comprehend.

EULIS! The History of Love by Paschal Beverly Randolph

I write these lines here because at this moment a paper loove, in two senses, before me, which distinctly says that I am an advocate of certain opinions which my entire fo has been spent in confuting—as witness every book I have ever written, every speech I have ever spoken.

Well, this Lothario’s eyes used to fairly glisten when they rested upon any young female form, and the burden of his talk was the victories he had won over too confiding women. Swinburne Clymera later Supreme Master of the Fraternitas, stressed that years later in a death-bed confession, a former friend of Randolph conceded that in a state of jealousy and temporary insanity, he had killed Randolph.

Sean added it Nov 10, There is a curious proof of the soundness of the foregoing statement, yet it seems to have escaped the notice of the scientist: There was a young man elis the fun-making genus,—a fellow whose nature was inflamed nearly a year before his birth, and who kept it up to eulus by food and ot, and the secret books he first read, and then so artfully concealed, that the servant-girls were sure to find them,—read, get detected,—of course, by the owner.

Little did I dream that the strange experience was full of true light to others than myself; yet such it is, and was; and with grateful heart I thank the Most Compassionate God, the Ineffable Lord, that I was found worthy to become the vessel for the conveyance of so grand a lesson to my brethren of the wide and wasteful world. Its bones are harder, firmer, more solid than is right; its cranium is broader, flatter, thicker, and dense as those of a grown man; and if the young mother escapes forceps-delivery, or a still worse operation, she ghe consider herself a fortunate woman.


We will discover that others have borne our burdens who had no hope of receiving our reward; that knowledge is universal, and has no royal road; and that they were as wise in the wisdom of their generation, as we are in ours.

Below man, while the sexes are distinct, in him, as a principle, not a physical fact, they for the first time fuse and blend, at least on this, and probably upon every other soul-bearing world in the eternal vaults of space.

Rosicrucians, and lastly, the Brotherhood of Eulis,—all of whom were, and are, students of the same school.

That’s eluis sort of women who, from lovee year one, have driven hard bargains with the masculine portion of the uelis, and rushed many a good man down the hills of ruin and gloom, and horrid, blank despair. To it all things are subsidiary. It hung over the table against the wall, where I had placed it after polishing it, preparatory to sending it to a lady in Brooklyn, N.

I never could, and do not want to make the experiment. Tashna Downes marked it as to-read Apr 30, Well, the autopsy went on; the facts were disclosed: He consumes, absorbs, and assimilates the totality of her vital life, and at length she dies for sheer want of that whereof he robs her.

Eulis! the History Of Love

On the day I met the man; he had told me that she had asked him very singular questions: There are and have been malformations claimed to be proofs of dual gender, but they were really one or the other. About Paschal Beverly Randolph. As these are old books, we processed each page manually and make them readable but in some cases some pages which are blur or missing or black spots.

We, the people of Eulis, be it known, are students of nature in her interior departments, and rejecting alike the coarse materialism of the ages, and the sham “philosophies” of the ages past and current, accept only that which forces conviction by its irresistible logic.

If I could, I certainly would have every male over fifteen witness just such a redemptive and impressive scene; and would take every boy through the wards of a hospital for syphilides. Paschal Beverly Randolph was a medical doctor and occultist, notable as perhaps the first person to introduce the principles of sex magic to North America, and, according to A.

So now, on my way to Grambrins Halle, I encountered my little friend, the German child, at play. It arose in a princely act, rightly considered princely, when the real, delicate, inexpressibly high-bred motive and its circumstances are understood, which motive is systematically and properly concealed.