EUROCAE-ED Aircraft Lightning Environment and Related Test Waveforms. EUROCAE-ED › Complete Document History Aircraft Lightning. EUROCAE-ED › Aircraft Lightning Environment and Related Test Waveforms. EUROCAE-ED – REVISION A – CURRENT. waveform, as defined in ED (see next section on standards), is used for testing. [6] EUROCAE ED – Aircraft Lightning Environment and Related Test.

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Huge banks of capacitors store the charge, which is then released to simulate a lightning strike. The scenario under analysis cavities, materials, apertures, sources and susceptible elements etc.

Materials handling equipment If you continue eeurocae use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Our offices will be closed from December 24, to January 2, inclusive.

ED-84A – Aircraft Lightning Environment and Related Test Waveforms

On-board electrical and electronic devices may be damaged by the current and voltage levels induced at their interface by a lightning strike. Company organization, management and quality. Glass and ceramics industries We wish you a pleasant end-of-year holiday. Energy and heat transfer engineering Galileo provides a dedicated eruocae environment for the identification and mitigation of possible hazardous situations in the early design phase, which integrates: Specific regulations and standards define the requirements for safe operations in the vicinity of people and to avoid ordnance malfunction and unwanted fuel ignition.


A power balance code whose results are presented in agreement with the applicable normative is also available for non-deterministic situations e. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

In this context, scaled procedures are available to economically perform analyses and find solutions, beginning from the early design stage when different system configurations can be investigated and checked.

Rubber and plastic industries Road vehicles engineering Nowadays, platforms operate in more euurocae more complex and severe electromagnetic environments with increasing numbers of external and internal radiating sources, higher power levels of wanted and unwanted emissions, extensive use of materials with reduced shielding effectiveness, and a proliferation of electronic and electric systems more sensitive to external threats.

Galileo integrates a validated state-of-the-art tool based on the Oversized Cavity Theory that has been tailored to this specific application. The ‘A’ component is currently under construction, and will be fully operational by the end of Domestic and commercial equipment.

Organisation européenne pour l’équipement de l’aviation civile — Wikipédia

Paint and colour industries In addition, currents and field levels at the location of susceptible elements can be predicted both by considering eeurocae aircraft in flight conditions and on a test site by also modeling the test site configuration, transmitting antennas and sensors.

This results in a need to carefully consider the effects of electromagnetic compatibility EMC and electromagnetic interference EMI.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Visit the laboratory website. Our research is focus is in the investigation of protection systems for aerospace structures and fuel systems, and in developing transducers and test methodologies for the evaluation of such systems. External threats such as high intensity radiated fields HIRF can have catastrophic effects on modern avionic platforms due to the extensive use of composite materials which provide reduced shielding and the replacement of mechanical and hydraulic flight controls with electronic devices fly-by-wire systems that are much more susceptible to electromagnetic interference.


The specified capability ef-84 each generator component is: Health care technology Electromagnetic Environmental Effects E3. Mechanical e-84 and components for general use E3 comprehends several phenomena: Home Research Explore Research facilities Lightning laboratory. From an analytical point of view HIRF is a formidable concentration of different electromagnetic problems, such as the shielding effectiveness of materials and apertures, external and internal resonances and quasi-cavity low level field distributions, and can encompass a range from kHz to tens of GHz.

Construction materials and building For this reason, proper protection against the indirect effects of lightning has to be designed, especially in the case of safety critical systems.