Posts about Eva Bell Werber written by Donna Boyle, Medium, Oracle, and Spiritual Teacher, with Yoga and Meditation thrown in. Love will flow through you from that silence and others will go forth full of the love you have given to them. ~ from IN HIS PRESENCE by Eva Bell Werber. Eva Bell Werber is the author of The Voice of the Master ( avg rating, 7 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), In His Presence ( avg rating, 5 rat.

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One Truth in all Religions. How the teachings work. Don’t believe the hype.

Eva Bell Werber – Awaken

The truth shall set you free. Relating to werberr Divine. Awaken – a “call to arms”. Science does not lead to truth. Importance of Right View.

Free and Easy by Gendun Rinpoche. The Light of the Self. How to be Self-Realised. The world is not real 1.

Eva Bell Werber (Author of The Voice of the Master)

The world is not real 2. No happiness in objects. Truth is a pathless land. The Devil and Truth. The observer is the evaa. Is there a god? Stay with the “I Am”.

What is the “I Am”? Nisargadatta on mantra recitation. These writings lucidly epitomise the way of wfrber to a personal god whose nature is fundamentally not different from our own True Nature.


Let these beautiful quotes from Eva Bell Werber speak to your heart and let your heart sing as the Lord embraces you. She writes as if the voice of God is speaking to us directly.

These excerpts are taken from her book “Voice of the Master”. Know that only the personal self of you can get in the way, and keep the plan of your life from being fulfilled. Put down that personal self werbre its fears, its beliefs and its opinions.

These things are dreams, shadows upon the wall’. Life flows through you, Love is warm about you, for you shall function through spirit and there is all strength at your command.

But never fail to turn within to your fountainhead. Do no become enmeshed with the outer clutter of things So much time is lost because of its confusion. Even as the butterfly darts here and there, yet going nowhere, so does your human mind run hither and thither.

Eva Bell Werber

It keeps you occupied with trivial things while the soul, the living presence with must wait to give you gems that shall shine more radiant than the sun. Take time to love Me, until you are submerged in and by that love To draw love to you is not done by striving or by seeking for it in the without; not even your longing or need for it will bring it to you.


It will come by being very still and opening the door of your heart into the room where I dwell. There you will find ME – all love and sweetness – all companionship’. Introduction Awaken – a “call to arms” Don’t believe the hype How the teachings work One Truth in all Religions Relating to the Divine Science does not lead to truth Scientific spirituality The good news: These excerpts are taken from her book “Voice of the Master” ‘Be still!

These things are dreams, shadows werebr the wall’ ‘You only need to use My strength for this present moment – it is there for you to use. There you will find ME – all love and sweetness – all companionship’ ‘The outer, which is but a symbol, need not trouble you, for all reality lies bel the heart.