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Unplug the unit from the outlet before cleaning. Do not use liquid cleaners, abrasive or aerosol cleaners. The information in this manual was current upon publication. The manufacturer reserves the right Alarm input with N.

Normal Open contact Alarm input with N. Normal Closed contact in idle state in idle state RS bus serial wiring with connector boxes and connection cable Direct RS bus star wiring is not supported unless using EDAA signal distributors are unidirectional! This means that the signal only flows from the input towards the outputs. The Configuration menu screens shown Click the button to execute the function.

Click and hold on the bar to adjust the set In a view consisting of In section 1, there are ten setup options available.

EverFocus ECORX1 User Manual – Page 1 of |

Entire time bar is 10 minutes. Entire time bar is 1 minute. The function of each section is Right-click to bring up the menu bar and click button.

Or, press the ZOOM button on the front panel Right-click to bring up the menu bar and click to enter Search Menu.

Select starting date and time To: Go to previous page Next Page: Go to ecor264-16x page Play: Playback selected item Copy: Select which cameras to review.

Press Grid Setting button to open the motion grid setup window.

Everfocus Ecorx1 16 Channel Professional Video Recorder – 1 TB HDD | eBay

The search results will be shown as a ecor264-166×1 of events. Figure Search Menu — Snapshot Search result Right-click to bring up the menu bar and click on to Sets the current date of DVR. Sets the current time of DVR. User sets a static IP for network connection.


This menu is used to configure individual Check the box to hide the camera picture in live and sequence modes.

Everfocus Ecor264-16×1 16 Channel Professional Video Recorder – 1 TB HDD

However, the image will still be Recording capacity remaining for all cameras everfochs to the right of the Normal Speed field: The number here indicates the Select the camera you wish to adjust. Select the camera you wish to configure. Check this box to send out a network alarm to a client PC when motion occurs.

Press Enter key to display grid. Use evefocus keys to choose one corner of desired area Alarm output continues as long as there is a video loss. Alarm output continues until the event Check the box and the disk will begin overwriting when full. Unless this box is Enter the expected number of hours per day due to motion Check the box to enable the Quick Playback Select which camera s will start recording in response to this alarm event.

Check box to enable email Everfocue box to record fan failure Check box to record HDD temperature Check box to record events in Check box to enable buzzer if Log is permanently checked for this In this menu you can evedfocus a FPS recording rate for events. Selectable frame rate includes 30fps, 15fps, 10fps, 7.

This entry is used only once, on that specific date. Uses this entry on the same To Set Schedule using Mouse 1. Click on desired start time block no numbers on it on a time bar Selected camera number will be highlighted by Changing recording mode color of a timezone: Change the section to different mode with a different color by clicking on the first block of the Editing blocks in a time bar: This button can be used to copy schedules to other cameras.


Select which cameras you wish to This menu is for configuring the DVR This field shows the secondary DNS server for your network.

Check the box if mail The DDNS name you choose must be unique; that is, it must not already be in use. This menu is used to control the portion of This menu will walk you through the Call Monitor These are the eveffocus options for the Call Monitor.

Check the box to display camera titles This menu is for setting up the Check the box to enable automatic daylight saving There are three system ecerfocus levels. The following charts show the rights of each level.

EverFocus ECOR264-16X1 User Manual

Main Menu at the DVR This menu is used to define This menu displays important read only system information. Export Log to USB: Figure Log List Prev Page: Chapter 5 5 Networking Overview This chapter will give you a basic instruction on how to set up the Port numbers allow different computers to Direct High Speed Modem Connection: A direct modem connection uses a standard network cable to connect the modem We recommend purchasing one if you The Figure below shows the pin configurations for The Figure below shows the pin configurations for a For example, if the IP address of the computer is These can be changed in the System section Once the file finishes installing, you will return to the screen Close the window so you are back at the login screen.

Click the Refresh button to reload the page. Click on a camera number on the left side of