The Extron DVS is a high performance video scaler that includes three HDMI inputs, two universal analog video inputs, and simultaneous HDMI and analog. Find great deals for Extron DVS a Digital Video Scaler W/ Audio Switching Dvsa Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Extron DVS Digital Video Scaler – Power Tested. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I am normally careful with going with industry trusted name brands.

Tel Fax https: Two universal analog video inputs automatically detect incoming RGB, component video, S-video, or composite video signals.

The DVS also features a flexible PIP picture-in-picture mode that allows any two video sources connected to Inputs 1 to 4 to be shown on one display.

Extron DVS 605 AD

Sounds like it does similar things dvvs the Extron. Stereo input signals can be output as dual mono. RJ Connector Figure 6. Not bad for a consumer product.

This option allows the user to backup all audio, video, and communication settings from a DVS device to a PC. There was no way I was letting that one slip by.

Scalers & Such. Extron drops an absolute BOMB! The DVS |

Gotta find me a Starting The Software To connect to a device, select the desired device and click the button. At p out, x had a significant quality increase over x with the same videos.


This feature can reduce the number of required outputs for a matrix switcher, lowering system cost while improving manageability. Audio delay can be set from 0 ms to ms.

It also contains the main and PIP extrin that were active when the preset was saved. Input Configuration They can also be set to autodetect the incoming input signal type. Device Name Page This page allows the user to adjust device settings for RS see figure 89, and Ethernet connections.

I mean, all the media says it doesent. I needed two bad 2 weeks ago and bought them from radio shack. Mode 1 reset was executed and the default factory firmware version is loaded. Auto-Image 99 for steps to set automatic activation. Exgron makes the search results very cluttered and not very meaningful. When the same signal is detected again, these image settings are automatically recalled from memory.

Extron DVS 605 A

Audio breakaway — Provides the capability to break an audio signal away from its corresponding video signal and route to the audio outputs, allowing the audio channels extroh be operated as a separate switcher.

This can save time and effort in setting up a newly connected source, particularly in presentation environments where different guest presenter laptops with various output resolutions will be connected.

  DOD 8500.2 PDF

The duration of the audio crossfade matches the duration of the video switching transition. PIP – picture-in-picture — For Inputs 1 to 4, the DVS provides the flexibility to allow unrestricted two-window display of standard definition and high resolution digital and analog video sources.

Alternatively, to manually assign an IP address, complete all the fields as desired. They were totally green to what we actually do, and rather intrigued and excited about how we have been using their product Remote configuration and control dvx available via USB, RS, and Ethernet, plus contact closure to control input switching.

As the saying goes “you can’t polish a turd” So if you’re outputting from your laptop at x and upscale it toit will look as good as the x, not the same as if you outputted at to It features advanced Extron video signal processing with i deinterlacing, Deep Color processing, and true seamless switching for professional-quality presentations. You’ll eventually get one. Genlock offsets apply only to current output resolution, and reset to 0,0 when the output resolution is adjusted.