Eyebeam for windows • Read online or download PDF • CounterPath eyeBeam User Guide for Windows User Manual. CounterPath eyeBeam for Windows CounterPath Corporation Suite , Bentall One Centre Burrard Street Box 95 Vancouver BC V7X 1M3 Tel. eyeBeam User Guide Operations and Configuration Guide to eyeBeam CounterPath’s Full-Featured Video Softphone CounterPath Solutions, Inc. Floor 8 .

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With the click of a button or the tap on the keyboard you can dial, answer, or choose manuwl you want to personally manage your calls and availability. Video Cameras Calls made with eyeBeam will work without a video camera, but one is necessary to allow other parties to see your image.

If eyeBeam is not already running, start it as you would any other program: Use eyebeaj Windows Start menu or double-click the desktop icon.

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The Call display shows Initializing, followed by Discovering network. If no accounts have been eyeneam up, the final message is Awaiting proxy login information. You must set up accounts. Make sure that you have enabled at least one account. If it does, then you can set up some voicemail features in eyeBeam.

When the phone is eyebeaj with an incoming call, click here to ignore. A message appears to the caller advising that the call could not be made. The phone stops ringing. When the phone is ringing with an incoming callclick here to send the call immediately to voicemail. Information on voicemail is provided by your VoIP service provider; it is not part of eyeBeam.

Start eyeBeam as you would any other program: If you are prompted for a license key, then you have not yet set up eyeBeam.

Bria Professional Configuration Guide | CounterPath

Take the appropriate action: Enter the SIP address or number in the Call display using the softphone keypad or the computer keyboard. Press Clear, then press spacebar and try again. You can ignore the call in any of these ways: The call is added to the Received Calls list. Click again to stop recording.

Click display and select Options, then display the Application pane. Click Flash on the dialpad. The active calls is put on hold. The exact functionality depends on how your VoIP service provider supports Flash.

If you then click CONF again, all lines including the new line will be added to the conference. To restart the conference, click CONF again. Note that you can be the host even if you did not initiate the call to the first person. For example, one person can phone you, then you can place and accept other calls, and establish the conference. As new calls come in, eyeBeam will automatically answer it and add it to the conference call.


If you put the conference on hold and a new call comes in, it will automatically be added. For example, one person may host six other parties to occupy all of its available lines with one of those parties being a conference of their own containing five other parties. You can open display and close hide this drawer at any time. See page 22 Contacts.

See page 17 Calls: The Contacts menu The search field The availability of others. The Contacts tab displays your contacts and lets you specify multiple contact methods for them, including: You can identify one of these contacts as the primary contact method.

You can phone any contact. To choose the number to use, right-click and choose Call, then click the desired number. Right-click and choose Send E-mail. Enter the desired information on the two tabs. When you click OK, the contact is added to the specified group or groups, with the specified primary contact method displayed in the list. You will first have to set up the file; see below. A vCard is an electronic business card that is often attached to an email.

The new contacts will be added to the existing contacts.

CounterPath eyeBeam User Guide for Windows User Manual | 71 pages

Click the Contacts menu and choose Import. This person will not be able to send you phone calls or instant messages, and will not be able to see your online availability. You can change these privacy rules at any time; see page The Add Contact dialog box appears. Complete the dialog box and press OK. For more information, see page As soon as the person is set up in this way in your Contacts list, eyeBeam sends them a notification request.

The request is handled in one of two ways: See Table 2, below. When your availability changes, the new availability is sent to everyone who has permission to see your availability.

You can ban or allow an individual person, or an entire domain. You can set up a default rule, which applies when the incoming phone call, instant message or availability request does not fall in the scope of a specific rule. Deleting an Entry Click on the entry and click Delete. The entry is immediately deleted. Include emoticons and formatting, dyebeam desired. You can press Ctrl-F to search for text in the large message area. The menu items are: Options control the way that you work with eyeBeam.


Options apply to all accounts. These settings control how eyeBeam interacts with your VoIP service provider, and are set individually for each account.

When clicked on, eyeBeam detects the speed of your network connection and hence the potential bandwidth. If you move your computer to a different Manusl address, eyeBeam automatically detects the new speed.

CounterPath eyeBeam 1.5 User Guide for Windows User Manual

When clicked off, you must specify the eyebeaj connection. You can import a ringtone a. You can play to try it out. You can activate one ringtone.

You can delete a ringtone. For more information on availability, see page There are two ways to specify devices: These choices are shown on this panel. If you do not like the selections made by eyeBeam, you can override them on this panel.

Options — General — Devices Field Description Speakerphone Speaker device Change this field only if you want to override the devices that eyeBeam automatically selected.

Make the appropriate choice: Make sure you select a speaker device not the headset. You can enable or disable codecs as desired. With only one codec enabled, all calls made will use that codec. You cannot change the properties of any manuzl.

Video codecs describe the format by which video streams are compressed for transmission over networks. Some codecs require less bandwidth than others, but may result in lower video quality. You may decide to disable a codec manuaal though your service provider supports it. Options — Advanced — Network Field Network connection speed Preserve bandwidth Description Complete this field only if you have disabled zero-touch bandwidth detection see page Select the type of network connection for your computer.

When this feature is on, eyeBeam stops sending audio when you are not talking. These fields appear only on versions of eyeBeam that include video. The Quality of Service manal lets you request a specific transport service for audio, video and signaling traffic. There are two types of services. The service to use depends on what your internet service provider supports: Logging uses computer resources, so you should only enable it when instructed by a customer support representative.

To eyebfam up logging: Set the logging level. Specify the folder where logs will be saved. Eyebwam on eyeBeam will be logged to.