View and Download Roland Fantom X6 user manual online. Roland Fantom X6: User Guide. Fantom X6 Electronic Keyboard pdf manual download. Also for. View and Download Roland Fantom-X6 owner’s manual online. Roland Owner’s Manual CD Player Fantom-X6, Fantom-X7, Fantom-X8. Fantom-X6 Electronic. This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the FANTOM-X6 from Roland Corporation.

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Playing Percussion Instruments Playing in Patch Mode Playing Percussion Instruments In Patch mode, you can play percussion instruments from the keyboard and pad by ffantom a rhythm set.

Roland Fantom-X6 Owner’s Manual

Rhythm group settings are saved as independent data, not as part of the data for each patch. Multi-effects Control Adding Effects Destination 1—4 Multi-Effects Control Destination 1—4 Sets the multi-effects parameters to be controlled with the multi- effects control. The procedure is the same when making settings in Patch mode.

The booster increases the input signal in order to distort the sound.

Functions of Rhythm Set Parameters This section explains the functions the different rhythm set parameters have, as well as the composition of these parameters.

Tips s6 sampling the external input When sampling from the external input, the most important thing is to set the level correctly. Beat Change This specifies the time signature Beat. About The Function Buttons Overview of the Fantom-X About the Function Buttons The eight [F1]—[F8] buttons function buttons located below the display execute various functions, and their operation will differ depending on the screen.

Data may easily become concentrated at the beginning of the beats in the song data when, for example, the song data is input using Step Recording, or if the data is quantized after being input with a keyboard in real time. Press [EXIT] to return to the previous cantom.

If tempo changes have already been recorded in manaul tempo track, they will be rewritten.

For each of the three multi- effects, the chorus, and the reverb, you can specify whether it will operate according to the effect settings of the performance, or according to the effect settings of the patch or rhythm set assigned to the part you specify. Try out various settings to create the phrase you want. Don’t show me this message again. Roland corporation fantom-s, fantom-s88 keyboard owner’s manual pages.


This setting specifies the pitch at which the change will begin. Playing two or more sounds simultaneously Layers Layers are setups in which two or more sounds are heard simultaneously; for example, you might add a bell sound to a piano sound. If you play a different chord or notes while the arpeggio is being held, the arpeggio will change accordingly. When this function is used, samples being played from the sequencer or the audio tracks will stay in synchronization even if you modify the sequencer tempo.

Pdf Download | Roland Fantom-X7 User Manual ( pages) | Also for: Fantom-X8, Fantom-X6

Functions will be listed in the bottom of the screen. If you use the RPS function during realtime recording, the pattern performance will be recorded just as it occurs.

This function is useful when you play transposed instruments such as trumpet or clarinet following a printed score. For your convenience If looking through the Roland Fantom-X6 user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions: Recording Tempo Changes in a Song Tempo Recording If you want the tempo to change during the song, you can record those tempo changes in the Tempo track.

The Fantom-X has a Preview function that allows playing back the results of a Quantize operation while you are still setting parameters before actual execution. The knob graphics shown in this screen indicate what each knob will control. Page 13 Making Reverb Settings Reverb This is especially effective when applied to sustain- type sounds. Creating a Patch Bias Bias causes the volume to be fajtom by the keyboard position. The Live Setting Edit screen appears.

Recording multiple instruments on a single track Multi Channel Recording You can create a song using just one track With this method, you can create an ensemble performance on just a single track, and line up as many as sixteen songs! Use this recording method when you want to capture the nuances of your own performance. The operations are the same in Performance mode. This screen graphically shows the note data of each channel. Parameter List Startup Group P. Playing Two Or More Sounds Simultaneously layers Playing two or more sounds simultaneously Layers Layers are setups in which two or more sounds are heard simultaneously; for example, you might add a bell sound to a piano sound.


When in monaural mode, only the left side L is specified. Patch Level Specifies the volume of the patch. Adding Effects Destination 1—4 Multi-Effects Control Destination 1—4 Sets the multi-effects parameters to be controlled with the multi- effects control. If this does not resolve the problem, consult your dealer or a nearby Roland Service Station.

Selecting A Performance Selecting a Performance The Fantom-X has two performance groups, including the User group and Preset groups, with each group storing 64 performances, for a total of performances. Aftertouch—downward pressure you apply to a key after playing a note—can also affect the sound. This is the ID number manufacturer ID that specifies the manufacturer whose exclusive message this is.

Tone Level Rhythm Tone level Sets the volume of the rhythm tone. Playing In Performance Mode Playing in Performance Mode A performance contains settings that apply to each individual part, such as the patch rhythm set assigned to each part, and its volume and pan.

Troubleshooting If the Fantom-X does not function in the way you expect, first check the following points. Page 18 – Faantom an arpeggio by holding down a chord Page 19 – Adding other changes to the phrase Page 20 – Playing a phrase with a single finger Page 21 – Playing a chord with a single finger Page 22 – Janual sampled sounds Page 23 – Tips for sampling the external input Page 24 – Playing sounds you’ve imported from a CD Creating a Performance With the Fantom-X, you have total control over a wide variety of settings.

Page Index Name For example, you can create an original rhythm set by replacing certain tones of a preset rhythm set with different samples. Don’t have an account?

The Patch Play screen switches. In this screen you can view a list that shows settings for all parts at once, such as the patch assigned to each part, and its volume and pan settings. Contents Creating songs on the Fantom-X Page 36 – Using the knobs to maanual an assigned f