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Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa: Occult Philosophy, Book III (part 3)

Therefore the soul of man is a certain divine substance, flowing from a divine fountain, carrying along with it self number: The middle is the reasonable spirit knitting and tying together both extreams [extremes], viz. And then I shall confess to them, that I never knew them; by which speech it seemeth to be clear, that even untill this day they were uncertain concerning their sentence, and by the confidence of miracles which they had performed in the name of Jesus, whilst they lived, to have bin in some hope of salvation; Therefore because the judgement of souls is deferred untill the last day, many Theologians think that satisfactory intercessions may help not only the Justified, but also the damned, before the appoynted day of iudgment [Judgement].

Hence all Antiquity called their princes gods, and worshipped them as divine powers, as Janus testifieth in Ovidin his first book of Fasti saying, When th’ Earth of th’ Gods was potent, I did raign And deities mix’d were with seats humane. Which then are contracted into one, yet the points Notariacon are wont to be omitted, and then there comes forth such a Character of Michael. Another manner of making Characters, delivered by Cabalists. Yet the common opinion of Theologians denyeth that prayers or funerall Diriges do cause any favour for the guilty within the gates of Pluto: Ideall world, sending forth nothing of the essence of the Idea, but created of nothing that which he had from eternity by the Idea: Of the Characters and Seals of spirits.

There is moreover as hath been above said, a certain kind of spirits not so noxious, but most neer to men, so that they are even affected with humane passions, and many of these delight in mans society, and willingly dwell with them: And did show the figures of the images what they should be; and that he perceived these things concerning the Oracle of Proserpina.

Hence they cure diseases by their touch and word and sometimes command the times and the Heavens, as Virgil sang of AugustusIt rains all night, i’th’ morn the raies [rays] return; Caesar with Jove divided hath the throne.

Kapol or Samuel Capoland Abindan, “who are the three that have written the most. We must know this that whosoever shall intellectually work in evil spirits, shall by the power ocklta good spirits bind them; but he that shall work only worldlily, shall work to himself judgement and damnation.

All which we conceive happens to them after death no otherwise then in this life to those who are taken with a phrensie, and some other melancholy distemper, or to those who are affighted with horrible things seen in dreams, and are thereby tormented, as if those things did really happen to them, which truely are not reall, but only species of them apprehended in imagination: Of these apparitions there are divers examples; such was that which Pliny the Junior makes mention of concerning the house of Athenodorus the Philosopher of Tharsis in which agrippaa appeared with a sudden horrible noise the ghost of an old man.


Filosofia Oculta/hidden Philosophy (Spanish, Paperback)

Martin and Sarah Goodman. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. But the Cabalists of the Hebrews do not admit that souls are turned into brutes: And Origen against Celsus saith, that the naming the name Jesus hath oftentimes cast many devils as well out of the souls of men as their bodies, and hath exercised much power in them out of whom the fillsofia were cast.

Whatsoever vices therefore souls have committed in the bodies unexpiated agroppa this life, they are constrained, carrying the habits of them along with them, to purge themselves of them in hell, and to undergo punishment for them; which the Poet explains in these verses; When they die, Then doth not leave them all their misery.

Enrique Cornelio Agrippa (Author of Filosofía oculta, magia natural)

Here lies a great secret, and not rashly to be revealed. Therefore we holding to the opinion of Austine [Augustine], as he saith in the tenth book on Genesis, do affirm, That it is better to doubt concerning occult things, then to contend about uncertain things; for I doubt not but that that rich man is to be understood in the flames of pains, and that poor man in the refreshment of joyes; but how that flame of hell, that bosom of Abraham, that tongue of the rich man, that torment of thirst, that drop of cooling, are to be understood, it is hardly found out by the modest searcher, but by the contentious never; but these things being for this present omitted, we hasten to further matters and will dispute concerning the restitution of souls.

There are in him the four Elements, with the most true properties of their nature, and in him an ethereal body, the Chariot of the soul in proportion corresponding to the Heaven: Have not I chosen twelve, and one of you is a divel? Whence Porphyry saith, that the Ancients were willing to conceal God, and divine vertues by sensible figures, and by those things which were visible, yet signifying invisible things, as being willing to deliver great mysteries in sacred letters, and explain them in certain Symbolical figures; as when they dedicated all round things to the World, the Sun, the Moon, hope, and fortune, a circle to the heaven, and parts of a circle to the Moon, Pyranide [pyramids] and Obelisks to the fire, and Olympian Gods; a Cylinder to the Sun and Earth; a mans Yard [penis] to generation and Juno, to whom also by reason of the feminine sex the triangular figure.

Concerning this therefore Apollonius Tyaneus as we read in Philostratus seeing a child leading a huge Elephant, answerind Damus asking him, whence came that obedience of so huge a Creature to the little child: English Choose a language for shopping.


So also our words can do very many miracles, if they be formed by the word of God, in which also our universall generation is perfected, as Isay saith, by thy countenance O Lord, we have conceived, as women rightly conceive by the countenance of their husbands, and have brought forth spirit. Hence Elpenor in Homer, I beseech thee saith he Ulysses, be odulta of mee, and leave mee not unburied; lest being unburied I become an object of the Gods wrath.

God gave man reason that filosofai dieties [deities] He might bring forth gods with capacity.

La Filosofía oculta: tratado de magia y ocultismo

Evil spirits; But they may be called ghosts occulta it is uncertain whether they have deserved well or ill. The second is of Twos.

Moreover we beleeve that many by the singular favour of God are together with their bodies received to glory, and that many went down alive to hell.

But if it hath filosovia ill, the spirit judgeth it, and leaves it to the pleasure of the divel [Devil], and the sad soul wanders about Hell without a spirit, like an image, as Dido complaines in Virgil; And now the great image of mee shall go Under the earth Wherefore then this soul being voyde [void] of an intelligible essence, and being left to the power of a furious phantasy, is ever subjected by the torment of corporeall qualities, knowing that it is by the just judgement of God, for ever deprived of the divine vision to which it was created for its sins: For so fearfull is this kind of spirits, that they are moved, tremble, and are compelled by a feigned terrour, and false and impossible threats.

But we shall here filosotia the Oracle of Hecate; for thus she speaks, Marke I will teach What statue thou shalt make For me; boughs of the wood, and wormwood take, Then garnisg it, on’t paint domestick mice; Let ornaments be fair, and of great price. Hence also the Dutch are thus called, because they named the god Mars, whom they worshipped, Teutan; by which name the Gaules also called Mercury.

In aedibus Danielis Bo[m]bergi,sig. There is another kind of Character received by Revelation only, which can be found out no other way: There is yet another fashion of Characters, and concerning marks of spirits which are received by revelation. And Virgil himself together with the Pythagoriansand Platonists, to whom also our Austin ocultta assents, confesseth that separated souls retain the fresh memory of those things which they did in this life, and their will, whence he sings; What care they Living had of horses brave And Arms, the same doth follow them to th’ grave.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Also Peter the Apostle saith to Clemens a king him of these things, thou dost constrain mee O Clemens to publish something conceming things unutterable: The earth covers flesh, the Ghost hovers o’er the grave.