Keyboard Layout v Fluke B/1 96B-C/B-C Service Manual List of Figures For the mA. current D pin 3 is connected to pin 1, and pin 13 is. Manual de Servicio Fluke b – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or trigger level mV) or (R the switches in D are all open. F HP Deskjet F HP Deskjet D HP Deskjet D HP Deskjet D . would work while others would not, and maybe it’s some strange fluke.

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The Fly Back Converter is on, the batteries supply its primary current. To remove the isolation strip pull one end out of the sleeves in the PCA pull at points A. If wrong, possibly caused by V, R, short to ground, loose pins of N, N defective.

Connect the test tool to the A as for the previous test see Figure This defines the initial test tool setup for each verification.

Full text of “FLUKE “

Please contact your service center. Adjust the A output voltage until the displayed Input A trace amplitude is 6 divisions. Continue through all calibration points. De-multiplexer D supplies one of its input signals to comparator N pin 4. Warning To avoid electric shock, disconnect test leads, probes and power supply from any live source and from the test tool itself. Loosen 2 Input Cover Screws Observe the Input B reading and check to see if it is within the range shown under the appropriate column of table Parts are listed by assembly; alphabetized by item number or reference designator.


Connect a charged battery. The first step is WarmingUp CL Users Manuals 8- 7.

Full text of “FLUKE B, B, C, B,C Service”

By changing the square wave duty cycle, a linear ramp is created for linearization during the pre-cal stage of the calibration. The channel can also be used as external trigger input, and as a probe cal generator. Turn the test tool on, and monitor the voltage on T The LF decade output signal is supplied to a gain adjust stage, and then added to the HF path output signal.

Check the control part: An additional phototransistor is used for feed back of the optocoupler transfer characteristic.

Check also M L and M for a mVpp voltage. If a A vluke not available, you can substitute another calibrator flukw long as it meets the mi ni mum test requirements. If the voltage drops below 6. Parts are listed by assembly; alphabetized by item number or reference designator. Press IIP to turn the test tool on. Continue at step 3. Notice that the acknowledge overwites the first character of the message sent to the test tool. Set the range to the first test point in Table A Beginner s Guide Windows This situation arises in case no battery or a defective battery open is present.

Using 1 I move the trace to the left. The 10 kHz bandwidth limiter rejects calibrator noise. Black, Tri-color 2 pack. New version bottom cover Check the voltage across R near the battery connector for about mV. Probe dc calibration can only be done if probe Do not mix with fpuke solid wastestream. Note Calibration fljke valid indicates that the calibration adjustment procedure is performed correctly.


Technical Details

Apply a full scale resistance e. Turn the test tool OFF and ON to exit the calibration menu and to return to the normal operating mode. Short circuit the banana jack Meter inputs properly calibration includes Ohms zero! Floating Voltage from any terminal to ground. Set the 5 A to source the appropriate initial ac voltage. Scope Channel A Introduction This presentation is designed to act as a setup and usage guide to Samsung s MagicInfo Pro digital signage system.

External trigger function The external trigger path uses the Volts mV and 5 V range circuit. Remove all input connections from the test tool. If 1 to 5 above correct, then most probably Fluoe is defective.

HP C9352AE (22) Multi Colour Cartridge for Inkjet Printer

Opening the Test Tool To change the strap position open the test tool see Section 6. The display shows a bright test pattern. Remove the BC adapter power, and verify that the backlight is dimmed. IDLE invalidand the softkey menu.