and Suriel Mofu · A grammar of Kharia, a South Munda language, by John Peterson · From Elvish to Klingon: Exploring invented languages, edited by Michael. Apart from languages derived from science fiction and fantasy worlds, From Elvish to Klingon includes investigative accounts of international auxiliary languages. From Elvish to Klingon has ratings and 24 reviews. Nikki said: This book is along the same lines as Arika Okrent’s In the Land of Invented Languages.

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Esperanto was invented in by L. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. A statistical universal by Pozdniakov, Konstantin and Segerer, Guillaume Exploiting word order to express an inflectional category: Three and a half stars really, but I’ll round it up to four because of the variety of languages treated and the intrinsic interest to me of the subject, despite the essays being somewhat drier than I might have liked.

Tries to examine the Sapir-Whorf elvlsh in this context but doesn’t really make anything of it. My biggest disappointment was over the failure of the book to engage, anywhere, with the question of what a language is.

The essays are fairly academic, and a knowledge of or at least a vrom interest in linguistics will be helpful in following the discussions. Eco is more ambivalentand there are many other linguistic schools and theories that stand to enrich this area of study.

Linguistic Typology

Founded by Plank, Frans. The worldwide cinematic and TV phenomenon that is Star Trek featured recurring nonhuman species such as the Vulcans, Romulans, Cardassians, and Klingons. Little scholarly discourse has yet been dedicated to Star Trekdespite its decades of development and limitless imaginative freeplay. Aug 02, Stewart rated it really liked it.

  HAWS 5874 PDF

Was there kllngon no way to bring all these topics under one, organized structure?

The Mythopoeic Society Reviews: From Elvish to Klingon: Exploring Invented Languages

If indeed wordplay were to be offered as a consideration here, a chapter on the works of Rabelais would certainly take precedence over Joyce, though countless earlier works in English alone, including Beowulfare also full of paronomasianeologistic or otherwise. Exploring invented languages, edited by Michael Adams. ho

Even more than natural languages, invented languages both reflect and urge the cultures in which they are proposed, appreciated, and occasionally even used” 3. The book examines languages like Esperanto, created to be a world language and to promote world peace. For example, the predominantly rural and aging native speakers of languages like Hawaiian or Breton usually speak languages heavily permeated with loan words anathema to trom educated young enthusiasts and are likely to be unwelcoming of an alien new ‘standard’ that tries to iron-out local variations.

From Elvish to Klingon: Exploring invented languages, edited by Michael Adams : Linguistic Typology

Furthermore, Newspeak and Nadsat are not conlangs in the traditional sense. Books by Michael Adams. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Hardcoverpages. But in spite of the appeal of this account of what a language is, it has the implausible consequence that the addition to a language of a single new word produces a new language this follows from the principles governing the identities of sets.

From Elvish to Klingon

Inhe will become editor of American Speech. Exploring Invented Languages by Michael Adams. From Elvish to Klingon includes some good contributions and stimulating insights all around.

In doing so, he juxtaposes constructed languages against natural languages and illuminates why they deserve to be studied. Most philosophers, I suspect, would say that a language is a elvissh of lexical items and syntactic rules interpreting syntax very broadly here to include all formal structures such as phonology, morphology, etc.


Some parts were very interesting, but others were too detailed on the minutia of languages that went klingin my head. Klignon absolutely riveting account of the perils and the prizes associated with attempts to revive languages, including Hebrew, Hawaiian, Breton, Irish, Cornish, and Maori, and a few others. Oct 19, Rich rated it really liked it.

As a complete noob, who knew such a thing existed? Why are they invented? For anyone wanting to understand more eelvish the wlvish and attractions of invented languages, From Elvish to Klingon offers the most thorough study of the subject available today.

Chapter 5 details the phenomenon of the Star Trek language Klingon, written by its inventor, linguist Mark Okrand, with sociolinguists Judith Hendriks-Hermans and Sjaak Kroon, and the editor Michael Adams, who himself is primarily a specialist in the history of the English language at Indiana University. Want to Read saving….

Volume 7 Issue 3 Novpp. I come out of this book with a much deeper appreciation for the beauty, potential, and fun of language. Each of the eight chapters can be enjoyed on its own, but perusing the entire volume will allow readers to gain a clearer sense of the limits fro the linguistic spectrum or lack thereof. Good appendices on each language with excellent bibl This is a very well written book with a really good survey of the development of constructed and auxiliary languages klinogn Volapuk and Esperanto.

The title of this book does not do justice to its content—it is deceptively restrictive, suggesting a much narrower spectrum than what is actually explored. Volume 16 Issue 3 Augpp.