FSP 3528 PDF

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It looks like the FSP is a proprietary chip and I can’t find a datasheet on it to see how it works. There are some schematics on the Internet, but I’m not that skilled at reading them and they are in Russian.

FSP3528 3528 DIP-20

I took voltage readings of both. The bad one only has 5. When I jumper green to black, I get no secondary voltages and the gray wire is 0. Information and picture clarity compositions should look like this post.

We respectfully ask that you make some time and effort to read some of the guides available for basic troubleshooting. After you have read through them, then ask clarification questions or report your findings.

【FSP3528 Weltrend】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

Please do not post inline and offsite as they slow down the loading of pages. Last edited by retiredcaps; at It’s just a matter of corellating the differing part numbers. FSP probably has the same shtick fs. Who manufactures it for them is the question. Their plight, in fact is even worse, they don’t realize that they’re cantonists, they think they’re free men.

What 358 slavery that is – to confuse slavery for light, and bitter darkness for bright light. Missed the edit – -just checking -you do know that you can copy a web page link into google translate and it will translate the whole page and also some most of gsp links on the page so if it is a foreign “badcaps” you can read whole threads.

Last edited by selldoor; at You can download the datasheet of KA as reference.

It’s similar function with different pin numbers. Originally Posted by Duncanbest. Did you get your power supply working? Do your power supplies have the DM chip? It seems to relate rather well with the schematics on the Russian websites. I am thinking that perhaps dsp is or was a 35xx series of pwm chips, and FSP is the Fortron proprietary chip whereas the KA is the one available to the public.

It has a lot of good circuit explanations. If you shoot at nothing, you will hit nothing George Henry Originally Posted by everell. The method I use is to remove the pc board completely out of the chassis. Trying to keep pc board components from touching the chassis and shorting things is beyond my clumsy 328. This will configure the pc board for volts while it is out of the chassis. If possible, I also solder a two pin socket for the AC line. It is easier to use an AC cord with a plug than to solder an AC cord to the pc board.


Then you plug the cord in when you want to power up I have a home made power supply “checker” with LEDs for 3. This gives me a good visual indication of what is going on. Results on my Fortron were surprising. So here are the voltages I got. From this you can see that what kind of loading you use can have adverse effects on loading and possibly even the protection circuits. When troubleshooting a dead psu, one thing I look for is whether or not the LEDs on my checker flicker.

Also look fsl see if the fan spins a turn or two.

It points in the direction you need to be looking. Hope this helps to get you started.

FSP pdf Datasheet P1 Part Num IC-ON-LINE

Originally Posted by retiredcaps. So to try to help, I was motivated to try to clean up and finish the schematic I started. So here is the first drawing I made, and the completed masterpiece I just finished. Perhaps this will give you some answers. Although the drawing is from an earlier model, 3258 FSP circuit should be very similar. Attached Files FSP pwm chip. I’m not entirely sure that this is what burnt, but would it make sense that this ffsp would prevent the primaries from charging up or would it be the bridge rectifier or something smaller like a diode or resistor?

The other two transistors on the primary heatsink are E Last edited by mockingbird; at Your bad FET transistor is one of the two transistors in the two transistor 5vsb circuit. Until you get the 5vsb circuit fixed, the power supply is not going to work!

The other transistor in that circuit is probably also blown. So this would be a good candidate for a DM or other pwm chip mod. But fps would cause the primaries not to charge up at all, specifically? Like I stated the prmary heatsink has three TO packages. My question is, does the role the CEF02N7 plays have something to do with the primaries charging up, and would its defective state cause them not to charge up?

Yes, it’s a prime candidate for a DM mod If I can get a newer revision FSPTHA, I think I could possibly mimic it Such is the limit of my current technical ability – so that I am only able to implement circuits extrapolatively for the most part. Also, just in case you haven’t done so already, check the fuse. When primary switchers fail, the can pull a lot of mains current through them.

FSP , Tube FSP; Röhre FSP ID, IC – Integra

I’m guessing since your unit lacks the DM chip, then it fwp use a two-transistor circuit. Older units, including FSP, tend to have these. That CEF02N7 might be the primary side 5vsb transistor. One Computer at a Time. Checked the fuse, it’s fine. It’s probably not the switch because the person who gave it to me said that he saw smoke coming out of the PSU.


That’s why I suspect it has something to do with the primaries. The voltages get stepped down by the 35288. Active PFC units work slightly different at this stage. The switching transistors take the DC power and turn it into a high frequency AC supply. I’ve 352 that in some units the frequency is around 60kHz.

With a high frequency, smaller transformers can be used to output more amps. This HF AC is stepped down by the transformers and is then fed to the secondary side rectifiers, which convert it back to DC again.

From there, the outputs are cleaned by inductors and capacitors, etc and fed to the load. This is just a general idea of how computer power supplies work.

Are you getting voltage on the AC side of the bridge rectifier? There is also a thermistor on the input that could have failed. Make sure the transistors aren’t shorted.

I then traced the source back to a Teapo SEK capacitor rated at uF 25V the pcb designation is covered upbut I circled red its location in the picture.

I found this out at 1: As soon as I hit the power switch the fan started to spin. With an old hard drive and fan acting as load, I got voltages on the rails: All times are GMT The time now is Page 1 of 2.

Good Bad pin 1 – 4. Is there a popular equivalent chip to the FSP where I can download a datasheet to at least understand the high level working of that chip? Nick over at the CubeComputerChannel took a good pic so I will just reference his at http: Found the answer http: Find More Posts by retiredcaps. Find More Posts by mockingbird. FSPTHA – FSP datasheet equivalent Missed the edit – -just checking -you do know that you can copy a web page link into google translate and it will translate the whole page and also some most of the links on the page so if it is a foreign “badcaps” you can read whole threads.

Find More Posts by selldoor. Find More Posts by Duncanbest. Williamsburg, Virginia My Country: Find More Posts by everell. Originally Posted by everell Did you get your power supply working?