Items 1 – 50 of Traveller5 Traveller The Traveller Science-Fiction Role-Playing Game System, Fifth Edition The Core Rules for the fabled 5th edition of the. Traveller is a science fiction role-playing game, first published in by Game Designers’ . (GDW published several board games allowing Traveller space battles to be played out as games in their own right – Mayday using the Traveller . AD is a hard science fiction tabletop role-playing game created by Game Designers’ Workshop. Intended as a “harder” alternative to GDW’s earlier Traveller.

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Now Travellers can embark on an adventure through the Solomani Rim, and never be sure when they will hear the signal, or need to send it” As Vargr player characters, a team must locate and recover a Tukera lines ship, stolen by Vargr corsairs who have broken away from the mighty Kforuzeng band.

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The game mechanics used GDW’s house system, derived from Twilight: Book 0 discusses many role-playing concepts for the beginning player and referee; it helps guide you into the realm of science-fiction role-playing. Vargr, Traveller Alien Module 3, describes in detail this alien race, its homeworld, and its starfaring society. It covers background, history, and an adventure plot.


Traveller (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

Included are High Guard statistics, background material, and striking illustrations. The Universal World Profile. Tables and rules for creating K’kree worlds, government, bases, law and tech levels. Trsveller specialization have been reorganized to reduce skill bloat. Trillion Credit Squadron “Build giant starship fleets and fight monumental naval battles with Trillion Credit Squadrons.

Traveller – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

Starships; K’kree starship construction parameters and rules for their use. It traveeller complex enough to be able to generically represent most starships used in role-playing games, and flexible enough to support custom add-ons to the system.

Why does the Imperium court this minor client state while the Zhodani Consulate refuses to attack them directly?

However, inGDW took advantage of a need to reprint the core rules to also address and clean up the rules. Patrons and random encounter lists for ventures into K’kree territory, both by K’ree and by other races.

Designed by Loren K. GDW published several board games allowing Traveller space battles to be played out as games in their own right – Mayday using the Traveller rules, Brilliant Lances and Battle Rider using the Traveller: This Allen Module includes: The results of the war.

Mankind has met with several intelligent alien civilizations, all of which are decidedly strange and non-human, from the genetically-engineered Pentapods to the reflexively bellicose Kafers. Encounters in the Phoenix Quadrant. Now the canon for this award-winning series is again available. Depending on the travellerr, a success may require rolling above or below the target number.


Mercenaries, Idle Rich, Diplomats, Spies Meanwhile, unknown to anyone, the secret of Twilight’s Peak is not a fortune, but death, and death in unexpected ways.

The UK magazine’s editor Paul Pettengale commented: Nomads gdq the World Ocean.

Traveller GDW

Traveller is a registered trademark of Far Future Enterprises. This set of rules contains everything needed to play Traveller. There is one minor problem standing in the way: It’s up to the referee to decide which of the 9 suspects is guilty. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Over twenty blank Traveller forms ready to photocopy or print in quantity, to record character data, subsector and rrpg mapping, animal encounter tables, starship design, and cargo shipping. Prison Planet “Sometimes, travellers break the law.

Classic Traveller

K’kree, Traveller Alien Traaveller 1, describes in detail this alien race, its homeworld, its far-flung empire, and its fascinating starfaring society. Sectors are named in Aslan, with Imperial names where applicable. The Classic Short Adventures.