Hey guys – I really need some advice. Recently I’ve suffered a couple humbling losses playing the white side of the giuoco piano. I like this. The Giuoco Piano is a popular chess opening from the beginner levels all the way up to grandmaster. Giuoco Piano translates from Italian into the “quiet game” . Giuoco Pianissimo[edit]. With 4.d3, White plays the Giuoco Pianissimo (Italian: ” very quiet game”). White aims for a slow buildup deferring d4 until it can be.

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I think d4 is played too soon. After mastering these openings, it can be useful to go with the Pianissimo to improve, but understanding this key opening Giuoco Piano is helpful. The Pianussimo Chess Opening Theory has a page on the topic of: And don’t let giuooco white-squared bishop get swapped off – it’s a key piece.

From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Actually the modern way to handle the d3 lines is like 1. Dec 12, 7.

I believe there’s a video somewhere of some top commentators explaining why, but I didn’t watch it.

Chess Opening Theory/1. e4/1…e5/2. Nf3/2…Nc6/3. Bc4/3…Bc5/4. d3

I think it is just a consequence of white players trying to avoid the Berlin Defense in Ruy Lopez. I think it’s a mistake to think of this as an opening problem. I don’t see a big difference between these games and typical 19th century games. Be7 the Hungarian Defence. Both books are excellent resources for learning this opening.


Giuoco Piano | Chess Opening –

Nakamura, London “. Dec 11, 3. I didn’t take the time to check on that. Dec 12, 8. Policies and guidelines Contact us. Dec 12, 9. Rematchrd.

In other languages Add links. Nd4 the Blackburne Shilling Gambitand I see a bunch of rated players playing these lines, shuffling around trying to get something out of it, with no understanding of what is going on.

Giuoco Piano

William Bettis 31 2. I agree with you.

Instead of d4, the usual idea is to bring the Nb1 to g3: What happened to the Giuoco Pianissimo? Views Read Edit View history.

You’ve got a middle game problem. Or more likely, I’m just playing it incorrectly. Unfortunately, I can’t remember who did the video The centre-holding line can continue Sign up using Facebook. I like this opening because it doesn’t ‘give’ black anything, but it doesn’t seem to give me anything either Dec 11, 2.

Help needed; Giuoco Pianissimo – Chess Forums –

Often a chess opening stops being played simply because people are tired of it, not because there’s something wrong with it. The common move orders are 4. Philip Roe 1, 1 4 Some moves later, u have to close centre with d5 because u couldn hold the centreand black was able to launch an tacck, Pianssimo mode.


If you had recognized what was going on in the position You had a good N vs bad B you could giupco restrained his freeing f-pawn push with an easy positional advantage, but the truth is there’s simply not much strategy will do for you if you can’t see Rxe4?? Dec 12, Dec 12, 6. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Despite its drawish reputation, this variation became more popular after being taken up by Anatoly Karpov in the World Championship [ citation needed ].

One move that is more popular for White is 5. Recently I’ve suffered a couple humbling losses playing the white side of the giuoco piano.

If you look closely, you’ll see that they actually play 4.

In the Greco Variation, White uses a major piece sacrifice to create a trap. If White plays c2—c3, the position can take some characteristics of the Ruy Lopez if his bishop retreats to c2 via Bc4—b3—c2. This page was last edited pianiseimo 14 Juneat For explanation of theory tables see theory table and for notation see algebraic notation.