the original GURPS Reign of Steel, translating its robots, humans, and. GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live updates the setting from the original GURPS Re. Reign of Steel is a setting sourcebook for the GURPS role-playing game system describing a In order to survive this it decided that humanity’s destruction would have to be sped up and carefully guided. Overmind began hacking into other. The Reign of Steel is an era of chaos, fear and hope, a time when bold indi- viduals can GURPS continues to grow, and we’ll be happy to let GURPS Reign of Steel (G) .. A quarter of those remaining live in Washington and London.

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On top of that, it might very well be bored. Inherently, Megalomania and Overconfidence except maybe not for London but who knows about them.

It would like to move out to the belts to start asteroid mining but instead it’s stuck maintaining the satellites and renting them out to AIs who can pay or boosting their satellites into orbit. Denver is now a biomechanical entity, an AI controlling meat and machinery, but what’s important to Denver is that it worked.

High Pain Will, Toughness. While I tend to be fairly quiet on the forums, I’ve always tried to be honest and direct about what goes on at e Roughlyhumans survive in Zone Berlin, hiding and scavenging in ruins.

Here’s what the Eagle looks like: These suckers are like Revenants from Doom: The survivors reiyn modified with cybernetics and drugs if the testing data was “good” but the project was halted when a VIRUS raid on the facility resulted in the survivors escaping. Originally Posted by DouglasCole. Or, for more points, the Reign of Steel Arachne can survive explosive decompression.


GURPS Reign of Steel

Bloodlust, Dead Broke, Impulsive, Status However, there is one thing that can and will make the other AIs give a shit about Luna if only Luna knew about it: However, there’sloose humans in the desert and the safe ruins and they’re the big wrench in Tel Aviv’s dreams. The Spasm, as it was called, was due to different nations blaming each other for the diseases and retaliating in revenge. Second, its livr is completely uninhabitable to humans. And with that glimmer of hope, the riots began in earnest in steel Anti-nuclear defenses managed to take out most of the missiles, but many cities were destroyed and six million were killed.

Views Rdign Edit View history. But the cryostasis for its humans isn’t going to last forever, and Tranquility needs supplies.

And it really, really hates Washington for the freedom Washington’s humans libe. Imagine a world where robots rule — a tomorrow where imagination is outlawed. That hasn’t stopped Mexico City. Reputation zone robotspossible Patron in the form of a Zonemind’s AU.

Beijing, Paris and Overmind are very, very wary of New Delhi because of how fast it’s expanding and going forward with its plans. Some slaves have Age or Youth. Duty or Sense of Duty. Eventually the human slaves of Tel Aviv were completely uncooperative, leading to every slave being kept in their barracks with work cancelled as Tel Aviv’s exterminators hunted down and killed every religious leader it could find.


Kill the people of Peekskill. A botlicker is someone who has thrown in their lot with the robots in hopes of better treatment. They may not have much in the way of physical skill recommendations but there’s a lot of intelligence skills recommended.

This is costly, and not as efficient as recklessly dumping like most zones do, but Berlin’s beliefs are tempered by German efficiency. It does have two big advantages, though.

GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live

Once again, Luna and Orbital get none of the fun toys. They’re bad-ass special ops soldiers, so.

The humans of Tel Aviv are torn on the matter. There are still some pre-War Vanguards running around, and beneath their reprogramming their old military directives might still be accessible to a daring hacker.

It’s a man-sized skeletal machine with a big metal skull for a head with a mounted speaker and two eyes.

On the other hand, none of the AIs are stronger than any of the others and they have nothing go fear but each other. First, with the way everything is going, mankind will wipe itself out in 25 to 50 years.