Inside this Hakin9 issue, we publish articles that will present security knowledge. If you want to find out more about penetration testing, you should read them all. So click it and get it! Hakin9 (IT Security Magazine): downloads/Hakin9_EN_01_pdf. BSD (Develop your skills on your IT career ). Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the highest quality of the magazine, the editors make no warranty, expressed or implied.

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Live CD The last version Released: Hacking9 Live — a Linux distribution based on Auroxwhich provides a live environment with articles for reading of hakin9.

free Archives – Hakin9 – IT Security Magazine

Its main topic is computer security. The problem with some books and magazines is that it is not so easy to practice what you read.


When you try to do everything as explained in the book you face a lot of small problems. Some scripts do not work, sometimes you have a different version of tools or compilers, sometimes author did not described something, because he considered it obvious.

This is why we decided to publish tutorials on our cover CD. They are usually an addition to articles. As we create and test them on the very same platform they will be performed hakin9.

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There are tutorials which gakin9 be treated as a standalone material, there are also ones which should be read and excercised together with an appropriate article. Our articles are published in HTML on our hakin9 site.

Your email address will not be published. December Target min. Posted in Linux Tagged with: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sparky iso images of both lines stable and rolling have been rebuild and updated.


This is a minor but important update which provides hkin9 settings of Sparky repositories. No system reinstallation is required of There is a change in the Sparky repository as of 27 December C, Python First release: May 17, Rating: Uzbl — a lightweight browser based on uzbl-core. The uzbl-browser package […]. November 2, Rating: TwitVim — a Vim plugin that allows you to post to Twitter and view Twitter timelines.

Hacking9 Live

It is an enhancement of vimscript by Travis Jeffery. TwitVim supports most […].

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