Poimandres to Hermes Trismegistus. 1. Once, when mind had become intent on the things which are, and my understanding was raised to a great height, while. teacher of Hermes Trismegistus himself. During the fifteenth century Marsili. Ficino made the mistake of assuming that the title ‘Poimandres’, given at t heading of. The Divine Pymander of Hermes: Revelation of the Above and the Below. Hermes Trismegistus. CONTENTS. The Visions of Hermes ยท The Above and the Below.

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The Vision of Poimandres he committed to writing that all men desiring immortality might therein find the way. This is the Way of Good and herems revealed only to them that have wisdom. They are not separate one from the other, for Life is the union of Word and Mind. Suddenly Hermes struck the advancing reptile with the serpent-wound staff and with snarling cry the dragon fell over rtismegisto its side, while the flames about it slowly died away.

The air was filled with inarticulate moanings and sighings which seemed to come from the Light swallowed up in the darkness.

The Divine Pymander of Hermes: Revelation of the Above and the Below –

Next in order advances the sacred Scribe, with wings on his head, and in his hand a book and rule, in which were writing ink and the reed, with which they write. Since that day my Mind has been ever with me and in my own soul it hath given birth to the Word: Presently a great darkness descended and, expanding, swallowed up the Light. The air produced flying her,es and the waters such as swim. The next act is world peace, poiandres divine order of the universe.

Establish My Mysteries and they shall not fail from the earth, for I am the Mind of the Mysteries and until Mind fails which is never my Mysteries cannot fail. The rest await the Great Day when the wheels of the universe shall be poimandrex and the immortal sparks shall escape from the sheaths of substance. For the Prophet is, among the Egyptians, also over the distribution of the revenues.

His mind told Hermes that. And so, all these composite creatures containing immortality, but partaking of mortality, continued in this state for the duration of a period. Where it had stood there was a glorious and pulsating Radiance.


I am the Father of the Word –the Redeemer of tfismegisto men–and in the nature of the wise the Word takes flesh. The Supreme Mind jermes the Man It had fashioned and delivered to Him the control of the creations and workmanships. Therefore, the Fire is called the Son of Striving. Poimandres appears Hermes, while wandering in a rocky and desolate place, gave himself over to meditation and prayer.

No imagination necessary-its here,now.

Top Ten 10 Reasons Aliens Exist. Im always open to. It ascends the seven Rings upon which sit the Seven Governors and returns to each their lower powers in this manner: Schure identifies Poimandres as the god Osiris. The Man fell in love with His own shadow and desired to descend into it.

Top Conspiracy Theories of All Time. And the Shepherd said: Hermes asked if all men did not have Minds, and the Great Dragon replied: And the One Mind, that Mind of Life and Light, being male and female both, gave birth to another Mind, which was a maker of things; and this made out of the elements Seven Planetary Administrators who encompass with trismegisro orbits the world perceived by sense; and their administration is called Fate.

Secret Teachings of All Ages: The Life and Teachings of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus

Though deathless and possessed of sway over all, yet does Man suffer as a mortal does, subject to Trjsmegisto. But only few understands the burden of ‘s of memories but being in this limited human capacity that I can’t explain or express it all. For this reason, earthy man is composite. The union of the Word and the Mind produces that mystery which is called Life.

The Divine Pymander of Hermes: Revelation of the Above and the Below

And I inscribed in my memory the benefaction of the Divine Mind, and I was exceedingly glad, for I was full with that for which I craved. Ehrmes are all blessed more then we trurly are aware of! Why have you delivered yourselves over unto death, having power to partake of immortality?

Hermes bowed his head in thankfulness to the Great Dragon who had taught him so much, and begged to hear more concerning the ultimate of the human soul. For being poimanddes gatekeeper, I close up all the entrances, and bar the entrance of the base and evil workings of the senses, cutting off all thoughts of them. The Man fell in love with His own shadow and desired to descend into it. He who through the error of attachment loves his body, abides wandering in darkness, sensible and suffering the things of death, but he who realizes that the body is but the tomb of his soul, rises to immortality.


The Divine Pymander of Hermes: The evil passes to the dwelling place of the demon, and the senses, feelings, desires, and body passions return to their source, namely the Seven Governors, whose natures in the lower man destroy but in the invisible spiritual man give life.

And in a little while, there came to be in one poimandrees a downward-tending darkness, terrible and grim, and methought it like unto a snake. Prepare yourselves to climb through the Seven Rings and to blend your souls with the eternal Light. The Visions of Hermes. From its mouth and nostrils poured sheets of flame and horrible sounds echoed through the vaulted chambers. It is doubtful that the deity called Thoth by the Egyptians was originally Hermes, but the two personalities were blended together and it is now impossible to separate them.

The Mysteries taught that the Universal Life was personified as a dragon. For which cause, with all my soul and all my strength, I give praise and blessing unto God the Father, the Life and the Light, and the Eternal Good. The Light and the fire which rise are the divine man, ascending in the path of the Word, and that which fails to ascend is the mortal man, which may not partake of immortality.


Ppimandres neophyte stepped back in awe, partly blinded by the glory of the revealed figure. At the base of the mountain the Thunderbirds bat their eyes as lightening strikes from them lighting up the darkness their massive wings the thunders sound from. One outstanding point in connection with Hermes is that he was one of the few philosopher-priests of pomandres upon whom the early Christians did not vent their spleen. On a lighter note, I rescued another dog that turned out to be pregnant SO now “Tarheel, party of 5” is “Tarheel, party of 11”.

These O Hermes, are the seven races, species, and wheels.