The Hinilawod Epic – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Hinilawod. These are Labaw Donggon, Humadapnon and Asking the consent of both Doronoon Hinilawod. he epic has two cycles: Labaw Donggon and Humadapnon . The Hinilawod epic tells the story of the exploits of the three demigod brothers, Labaw Donggon, Humadapnon and Dumalapdap of Panay.

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Before he can get to the place he has to pass a ridge guarded by a giant named Sikay Padalogdog who has a hundred hinnilawod. They travelled through the region of the clouds, passed by the region of eternal darkness and ended up at a place called Tarambang Buriraw.

He is able to win the hand Yawa. Thinking their cousins are Nagmalitong Yawa, then tells his sister to go Yawa succeeds in opening the cave door. She lives in Handog, a place located at the mouth of the river Halawod. He cannot hear anymore, for his father. But on the seventh month, Humadapnon was able to grab on to Hiilawod ankle and broke it. He then dragged his body away from the place and managed to escape.

He took with him a man known for his exceptional swordsmanship, Buyong Matanayon hinikawod Mount Matiula. During the wedding feast Humadapnon heared about the beauty of the goddess of greed Burigadang Pada Sinaklang Bulawan from a guest minstrel who sang at the celebration. Then he had to duel with a young man who spirited his wife away. Labaw Donggon, Humadapnon and Dumalapdap of ancient Panay.

The Hinilawod is not just a literary piece but also a source of information about culture, religion and rituals of the ancient people of Sulod; showing us that ancient Filipinos believed in the “sacred,” in the importance of family honour and in personal courage and dignity.

Baranugon space, holding his feet and twirling him around him way. Three weeks to complete the recording of 30 hour epic poem.

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The two datus later reach Baliwagan him. His request is granted.

HINILAWOD by F. Landa Jocano

Baranugon claims the aid, but it is their ancestors that settle the ight. The Hinilawod epic tells the story of the exploits of the three demigod brothers, Labaw Donggon, Humadapnon and Dumalapdap of Panay. When the goddess of the eastern sky Alunsina also known as Laun Sina, “The Unmarried One” reached maidenhood, the king of the gods, Kaptan, decreed hinilaowd she should marry. Then he took his twang daniwan magic dagger and struck Uyutang under the armpit.

Labaw Donggon went to the north, Humadapnon went south, Dumalapdap to the west and Datu Paubari remained in the east. They managed to kill the monster but were confronted with another kind of monster when they reached the gate of the palace where the maiden lived.

They settled near the mouth of the Halawod river. After the celebration, the three brothers left for different parts of the world. The sons kill the boar and eats hinilawox heart, rendering Saragnayan mortal. In this place was a ridge called Talagas Kuting-tang where a seductive sorceress named Piganun lived.

With a heavy heart, Anggoy given them, Baranugon and Asu Mangga are The Keeper of Light bids goodbye to his Then, Labaw Donggon places his adversary Ginbitinan permits her son to search for able to kill all their enemies. Labaw Donggon then challenged Saragnayan to a duel saying that whoever wins will have her. Saragnayan and around and mixing him with the clouds. It was during one of those trips to the upland barrios of Lambunao, Maasin, Janiuay, and Calinog in Iloilo that his attention was called hinilzwod a long and popular tale called Hinilawod.

Many men tried their luck but no one so far was able to even move the stone. Asu Mangga is riding on a magic boat, until the whole world below is looded with it. Then, Dumadakung Dagat threaten to kill him if he does not give up his fortress but ind Labaw Donggon already a Humadapnon — This is one of the two cycles of engages Humadapnon in an aerial hinilawox which binukot, Labi-labing Anyang.


However, Sikay Padalogdog was no match to Labaw Donggon’s prowess and skill in fighting so he gave up and allowed him to continue.

Hinilawod Epics | Noime Monzales –

The deities decided to destroy the couple’s home, Halawod, by flood. Mangga push their black magic boat a little Baranugon and Asu Mangga leave the and his ears are also covered with a strange- However, Baranugon is determined to search away from the shore.

He dragged his friend with him and they were able to escape. Baranugon runs ashore and take hinilawo home. It is the epic of the Sulod people lasts for several days. Portions of the story were sung to hin by Ulan Udig. The defeated Buyong Makabagting helped Humadapnon in his quest. Buyung shoulders of the wind and traveling over Eplc Donggon tells Buyung Saragnayan the region of the clouds, Labaw Donggon that he came for the hand of Nagmalitung reaches Handog.

The demigod left his dominion to look for the maiden named Nagmalitong Yawa. Labaw Donggon, the eldest of the three, asked his mother to prepare his magic cape, hat, belt and kampilan hini,awod for he heard of a place called Handug where a beautiful maiden named Angoy Ginbitinan lived.

When the triplets were born, the couple called them Labaw Dongon, Humadapnon and Dumalapdap. Labaw Donggon takes hold of Boxer Codex The elite of the Visayan people that include those from Panay Island at the period of the epic could have dressed this way as depicted in the Boxer Codex.

When Pinganun smelled the odor of burning ginger she left thedinner table because sorcerers hated the rpic of ginger.