table and deal with the combined use of BFE 65 and KT x as KBF. Note please that the BFE . as part of the HOBBYMAT system. Fig. 6 shows the. Hobbymat BFE65 Milling Machine | Business, Office & Industrial, Metalworking/ Milling/Welding, Milling | eBay!. HOBBYMAT BFE 65 Bench top Milling machine converted to CNC control, includes DELL Optiflex GSX PC & Keyboard This has been a.

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I made up a two-part bracket: In the end I rubbed it down gently with some oil and fine hobbymat paper, and left it at that.

Hobbymat / Prazi BFE65 mill

This proved to be more difficult than I expected. Sell one like hobbmyat. As I say im a newbie to this so not sure if it’s realistic, but ideally I’d like to be able to put a xx75mm block of Steel or Aluminium on it. Counting turns of a handwheel is error-prone, inefficient and… dull. I scraped as much off as Hobbymaat could, very carefully and gently, with a blade.

The bits of fur poking through the slot are the draught excluder. Top view showing the two-part bracket, the aluminium top cover with its milled slot. Thats pretty quick for a small table.

Hobbymat BFE Milling Machine

Hence, should the column prove to be out of line in a fore and aft direction, the only solution is to shim the bracket mounting faces at the top or bottom. The arrangement works very well — only a few bits of swarf have gotten through the fur and they were easily dealt with by the yellow plastic strips on the scales. One of the original handwheels — twiddle me not. See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab I stuck one side to the aluminium cover seen in previous picand the other to the adjustable stub of aluminium angle that you can see in the photo above.


Top tips for machining Bakelite:. I had already disassembled the table during the lathe rebuildfor ease of storage and also to clean the worst of the muck off most of the bits. The head came with a variety of bracketry which made mounting it a doddle.

DROs in use I have used this set-up for a year and a half, including some very messy jobs… Apart from the problem with the Y-axis on the display packing up, the DROs have proved more useful and robust than I hobbbymat ever have hoped. Handwheels The first job was to find replacements for the handwheels. Do you already have an account? Add to Watch list Add to wish list. What do you plan to cut with this setup?

Hkbbymat to make small parts from Steel and Aluminium such as brake calliper mounting brackets, milling the faces of small steel plates up to xx10mm perfectly flat both sides and squaring up the sides, drilling up to 20mm thick plate, tapping holes, cutting slots and recesses into parts etc.

The complete Hobbymat BFE vertical milling machine with its mm x mm table. Heavy cuts get under this layer and remove a lot of material.

To keep the head in good working order regular greasing of the gears – and the selector forks – is vital. The stock handwheels were mm diameter, had a 10mm bore with a 3mm keyway, and a 30mm diameter by 12mm deep boss.

Assembly The rest of the build went smoothly, there are not many parts and even without a diagram it is easy to work out where everything goes. Lastly whatever I go for needs to be suitable for at home use, ie no 3 phase and not too loud when running. I’ve seen more capable brand new Mill’s at Axminster for a few hundred more which could be a valid hpbbymat. Also it would make more sense to have slotted or square ends rather than a hex bolt head, as it is difficult to get a spanner over the gib screws on the lower plate.


If you’re primarily working with aluminums and mild steels, I would suggest that direct drive with your steppers may be appropriate. However, should the fault be present it is not fatal and the bushes can be easily ‘Loctited’ back in place – though dismantling and hobbumat the head is an awkward and time-consuming job. I would probably use more but the English in the user manual is indecipherable. Mill head inserted and ready to make some chips: Each table axis had a ruler fitted as part of the standard equipment.

Hobbymat / Prazi BFE65 mill | bazmonaut

The dent is visible just above the emery paper. As I installed the scale right-way-up with the reading head at the topI felt I needed more protection for the scales than the yellow plastic strip that opens and closes around the head as it travels up and down the scale. Before and after pics, the second handwheel is ready to be chucked up and frustrate me.

Your name or email address: Wanting more spark in my life I decided to add DROs to the mill table.

There are many sellers offering the same or similar kits. To figure force you can use the equation given by figure 11 at the Nook site here: Before above and after below pics.

X-axis I decided to place the X-axis scales behind the table, out of the way of the gib adjusting screws and X-axis stops. Ebbw Vale, United Kingdom. Basically just small stuff.