How to Prove It has ratings and 26 reviews. Simon said: This is how math should be thought. It is a very interesting book that explains how mathemati. Many mathematics students have trouble the first time they take a course, such as linear algebra, abstract algebra, introductory analysis, or discrete mathematics. Read “How to Prove It A Structured Approach” by Daniel J. Velleman with Rakuten Kobo. Many students have trouble the first time they take a mathematics .

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How to Prove It : A Structured Approach by Daniel J. Velleman (2006, Paperback, Revised)

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How to Prove It: A Structured Approach by Daniel J. Velleman

I read about half of it the summer before I took an ‘Intro to proofs’ class. I found it very helpful. There’s a lot about sentential logic in the beginning, which is something you don’t always spend a lot of time on in a class, but is very important for being go to parse through mathematical writing.

You don’t need any special knowledge to read it, so you should be fine.

This prof said it was too good, basically https: I taught an intro to proof writing course using this book and I thought it was excellent. It is very readable and will probably be understandable for someone at your level. I read it to self study proofs and it did a really good job. It’s also incredibly readable which is nice since not all math books even good ones are readable. I go back and forth with it. I find the beginning chapters to be kind of a clunky introduction to logic.

I appreciate Velleman’s attempt to avoid mathematics here, but I don’t think real world scenarios often with several factors and grey areas are any better suited to convey the subtleties of logic. I think most of the examples could be rewritten to something simpler involving extremely elementary mathematics that just about anyone reading the book would understand. I’ve never tried learning from the text alone, but it’s a pretty standard Intro To Proofs course text, and it’s not a bad book by any means.


It’s really good for demystifying what mathematical proofs are, but I found some exercises to be very boring and all the more “advanced” or “fun” ones yo not answered in the back of the book. The textbook for my proof-writing class was essentially useless as it was an analysis book with a single chapter veleman proof-writing it was Analysis with an Introduction to Proof by Lay. I used How to Prove It as a supplement and it quickly become my primary text.

I wouldn’t have made it through my proof-writing course without it. I definitely endorse it as often as I can. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Daniel J. Velleman, How to Prove It: A Structured Approach – PhilPapers

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