Please keep in mind that your TGMC project will only be recognized as valid, if at least one IBM Software is used in the development of project. List of. Name of Project. Team Leader. Date of submission. 1. Online college Magazine. 26/03/ 2. E-Elcon. 26/03/. Visit to know more about these instructions. Important guidelines for TGMC project submission: • Please.

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Project Guidelines for TGMC in TGMC – Forget Code

TGMC Mobile app contest. A great going ppl. The final winner from amongst the Top 20 teams was revealed at the Felicitation ceremony which happened on November 15th, at Delhi. Get recognized by IBM as a Blue Scholar and be spotted by our business partners and customers as a valued skilled resource. E-learning resource locator Food Safety Portal: There was also a certain level of anxiety as to how the presentation would turn out to be.

Tender management system Voice based Web Browser: Smart Traffic management system Transportation Portal: We decided to give it a try and registered for the competition. Equip your college with the power of cutting edge software from IBM. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Project Guidelines for TGMC 2012 in TGMC

The photos of the same will be updated soon. Please write to tgmc in. We used a lot of technologies in the project, learning and relearning in the process. Gracing the occasion was Mr. Gtmc learned it, we are living it, and that is what I would like to say to all my juniors and friends:. Chessmaster club DuplicateTestCases Detector: For a login page, take screenshots of pages with correct and incorrect login details.


Lsit table of contents Titles and subtitles Proper page numbers Standard font size, style, and color across the documents Document can be created in any one of the standard formats: Ltd who also gave away the prizes to all the winners of TGMC in the various categories and also felicitated the Champions of the season Let me start from the beginning…. Bonus marks if applicable in TGMC will be applicable only if the correct project is received by the deadline.

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A short presentation of fewer than 10 slides projet the presentation template. Neelakshi explained to them the overview about the very idea of our project and what problems we intended to solve. No matter what Information Technology topic you are teaching, IBM offers a wide range of products and solutions that can help you enhance your curriculum Learn more.

Categories Ajax 8 css 5 facebook 10 ibm 11 Installation 5 java 9 Jquery 6 jsp 6 php 2 rational application developer 7 sms using java 1 step by step 4 tgmc 23 tutorial One more pillar oist TGMC’s history. Corporate Employee Welfare System: We wanted to shed off the dust from experiences of last year, and rise from the ashes, and we wanted our team name to be symbolic of that effort. And today, it has been a year, and only a week since the final round results of the contest were announced, and to our extreme 20012, we were declared to be amongst the winners!


Without their guidance, I am not sure if I would have been writing this blog post today! Attended by finalists of the Top 15 teams and other eminent dignitaries from the industry made this session a good interaction platform for all and an opportunity for industry to see and meet the great minds.

Projects not sent in the format described here will not be accepted. And so, we analyzed every feature we wanted to put in, and tried our best to ensure that they would not compromise on the security of the database prjoect the privacy of the users, while also maintaining transparency throughout the lits selection procedure.

Professional certifications have become even more important as companies prefer to hire people who need little or no on-job training.