I’ve never seen such a devastating end game technique. The October Man Sequence – Finally Revealed by Twotimer/IN10SE himself!. [Found this little gem] (?v=) recently while combing the archives over at (To download the pdf. (1) In10se – Game – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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Week 3, Hygiene, Man’s Guide to Cologne. Yes im very bouncing with maerial these day, cause i’m a little perfectionnist, but still want to delete this aspect and concetrate on the 5 basic things.

No use reading hypno-nlp if you can’t do those 5 things! His posts are among the How would you like to apply these secrets So what is this thing called “Game”?

A good quick read: Game by IN10SE : marriedredpill

You have to take the basics, apply them, internalize them, etc. Also, he was one of Ross Jefferies’ students if I’m not mistaken. It’s just a little deceptive by in10se, gake whether it is worth the asking price is debatable.


I say it agaiin: IN10SE conceptualized creating ‘mini vacuums’ with kino and otherwise.

If you read his mASF archive, it’s clear he has a very strong understanding yame language, and how people attach words to emotions and meaning symbolic morphology. Copyright c pualib.

It is among top 3 best posts on masf. We are continually connecting and finding similarities and differences between ourselves and others. The October Man Pattern by In10se If there was ever one single specialized seduction im10se that generated the most buzz in the community, doubtless it was “The October Man Sequence”. I like this guy a lot because we have the same beliefs about women that they choose men, talking so much only disqualifies you, do less, etc.

ø IN10SE PUA MUST READ Articles | Octoberman Sequence Pick Up ø

All there was is a rough idea written about in “The Game”. An hour of material should be followed by 3 hours of practice. Brent Interview Special Report eBook. It’s one of the better products on NLP I’ve ever seen from the community in terms of blending working technology with a DYD writing style that one would have to have a below room temp IQ to not understand.


I’m going to have gzme go along with what hatman said What hatman said. The October Man Sequence. The ideas of doing Identity change work are very serious and to be used only to benefit a woman. Join Date Mar Gender: You are What you Eat. Can we be honest? Whenever you see someone who’s doing something that works, look deeper.

In10se Books

Delivers the goods BIG time. Found this little gem recently while combing the archives over at pualib. But where did he come from? This is how we grow and improve. Maybe you felt an underlying in01se of trust and comfort, and maybe there was certain “smoothness” in the way that they interacted with people and the way that conversation just “flowed”?

The October Man Pattern eBook. Help Contact Us Go to top. Join Date Aug Gender: