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When External is selected, a Simulink input named Qref appears on the block, allowing you to control the reference reactive power from an external signal in pu. If the inertia and the friction factor of the turbine are implemented inside the poqer model you specify only the generator inertia constant H and the generator friction factor F. Click the button below to return to the English version of the page.

Complete Analysis of Doubly Fed Induction Generator Wind Turbine

P r is positive for negative slip speed greater than synchronous foor and it is negative for positive slip speed lower than synchronous speed. Proportional gain Kp of the pitch controller. Based on your location, we recommend that you select: Rotor-side converter current regulator gains [Kp Ki] Gains of the rotor-side converter current regulator.

J Combined rotor and wind turbine inertia coefficient.

Vladislav Akhmatov (Author of Induction Generators for Wind Power)

The speed deviation is the difference between actual speed and speed of point D in pu of synchronous speed. Direct-axis and quadrature-axis component of stator voltage in pu based on the generator rating.

Magnetizing inductance The magnetizing inductance Lm in pu based on the generator rating. Default is [0 90]. Implement phasor model of variable speed plwer induction generator driven by wind turbine. The current regulator is assisted by feed forward terms which predict Vqr.

Default is [1 ]. Out of which DFIG wind turbine is a variable speed wind turbine.

A positive value indicates reactive power generation. This parameter is not visible when the External turbine Tm mechanical torque input parameter is selected. This parameter is used to compute the maximum current at 1 pu of voltage for C grid. Specify the power of point C of the tracking characteristic in pu of the Nominal wind turbine mechanical output power. Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers.


Reference generated reactive power at grid terminals, in pu, used by the var regulator. The Reference grid voltage parameter is therefore unavailable. Pitch Angle Control System The pitch angle is kept constant at zero degrees until the speed reaches point D speed of the tracking characteristic.

C grid is used to generate or absorb the power P gc in order to keep the DC voltage constant. Tm This input is visible only when the External mechanical torque parameter is checked. When the wind turbine is operated in var regulation mode, the reactive power at grid terminals is kept constant by a var regulator. Maximum rate of change of pitch angle This parameter is not visible when the External turbine Tm mechanical torque input parameter is selected.

Complete Analysis of Doubly Fed Induction Generator Wind Turbine

Direct-axis and quadrature-axis component of rotor voltage in pu based on the generator rating. Your model must then output the mechanical torque applied to the generator shaft. Furthermore, the active and reactive power control is decoupled by in dependently controlling the rotor currents via the power electronics converters.

The tracking characteristic is defined by four points: The following curve geneartors in fig. An example of such a characteristic is illustrated by the ABCD curve superimposed to the mechanical power characteristics of the turbine obtained at different wind speeds.

The tracking characteristic is a straight line from point C and point D.

Power flow, as illustrated in the figure, describes the operating principle of the Wind Turbine Doubly-Fed Induction Generator. Use the Display listbox to select which group of parameters you gwnerators to visualize. The relationship between the mechanical input power inductiln the wind speed passing through a turbine rotor plane can be written as follows [12]: At nominal power, the wind turbine absorbs 0. From zero speed to speed of point A, the reference power is zero.


The first duty of the power engineer is to check the data which is provided by the manufacturer and then, compare that turbine follows the maximum power tracking characteristic curve of the wind turbine. Specify the speeds of point A to point D of the tracking characteristic in pu of the synchronous speed.

As long as the reactive current stays within the maximum current values -Imax, Imax imposed by the converter rating, the voltage is regulated generagors the reference voltage Vref.

Generally the absolute value of slip is much lower than 1 and, consequently, P r is only a fraction of P s. Direct-axis and quadrature-axis component of currents flowing into the rotor in pu based on the generator rating. Both the wind turbine and the motor load have a protection system monitoring voltage, current and machine speed. The maximum value of this current is limited to a value defined by vladispav converter maximum power at nominal voltage.

The maximum current for C rotor is 1 pu. Problem Statement 4 Develop a maximum power tracking curve using the simulation result and aerodynamic equation. Simulink input of the external poeer voltage signal. Grid voltage regulator gains inductjon Ki] This parameter is not visible when the Mode parameter is set to Var regulation.

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The frequency of this voltage is equal to the product of the grid frequency and the absolute value of the slip. Before, using a wind farm consumer should know about its power drawn capacity of DFIG wind turbine. Gains of the power regulator.

Tip speed ratio of the wind turbine which is given by the following equation Where, ……………………. The power at point D is one per unit 1 pu and the speed of the point D must be greater than the speed of point C.