NEC Corporation FE pasolink/. NEC Corporation. Converged Packet Radio. iPASOLINK // . iPASOLINK / 6 GHz 10 Mbps DIGITAL RADIO SYSTEM TABLE OF CONTENTS. Uploaded by. Meghezi Mohamed. Download with Google. iPASOLINK iPASOLINK /A. iPASOLINK iPASOLINK E. iPASOLINK iX. iPASOLINK SX. iPASOLINK GX. iPASOLINK EX.

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PWE should be applied for transmission of jitter and latency relaxed services or where clock synchronization within mobile RAN has been established by adoption of other synchronization measures. They are designed to meet stringent requirements on mechanical rigidity. In addition, wiring work can be reduced dramatically iapsolink a result of shared connections.

Moreover, the control of network elements can be customized and provided only to specific groups. This table shows typical values for reference.


NEC Corporation shall not be liable for errors contained herein. Security Users are registered by means of a login name and password. The total count of current active alarms in each category is shown at the top of the main window. As an example of iPASOLINK, you can double the transmission capacity up to Ipaaolink over a single radio frequency utilizing both polarizations without any requirement of neither additional outdoor foot prints nor indoor mounting spaces.

iPasolink: Radio Microwave System- For Network Service Providers -Networking – Products | NEC

This technical description shows all available functions. Moving into unified IP packet networks and end-to-end network management allow you to offer premium services including conventional voice service over packet as well as sharing or reselling your backhaul bandwidth.


Advanced QoS function Enhanced QoS functions control finely tuned bandwidth and priority on a per-flow basis without any impact on traffic ipasolihk performance to provide flexible and commercially viable packet traffic.

The event log window is incorporated in the PNMSj main window. Dual native transmission is the most suitable solution in this application. However; – Amount of required bits for data service is much larger than those for voice and significant bit-cost reduction is absolutely required.

Maximum throughput at 64 byte VLAN tagged frame passed rate base. Remember me on this computer.

Therefore, MS provides interfaces iapsolink monitor ipasloink store various performance indicators. The PNMSj software contains overview maps of the network and its sub-networks to provide an easy, single glance, overview of an entire network. E1 interface – Signal rate: Today, service provider still carries TDM information, but in another side, they already provide packet technology, thus their customer can access internet without consuming a dedicated resource like TDM technology and as a smooth solution to migrate to LTE.

Custom ordered for 28 GHz.

iPASOLINK 100/200

High accuracy clock supply functions for packet synchronization Supports native TDM and Synchronous Ethernet transmissions. Near-end baseband, Far-end baseband and IF loopback – Remote upgrades capabilities. User-friendly operation PNMSj displays a network overview with click and pull down menus to obtain detailed status information and to change the configuration of the network elements.


Link oriented management and control This technical ilasolink contains proprietary information to NEC Corporation. Multiple service engine for optional card slot This card is used for Pseudo Wire Emulation function. As a leader in transmission technology, NEC invests our resource to figure out how to overcome today issues. PWE enables transport of non-IP based services over IP network, resulting in cost reduction and network consolidation. The list also shows what alarm severities are currently active in the NE and whether it has been acknowledged or not.

All this is achieved without any header suppression or elimination of packet data. Multiple service engine for optional card slot This information storage is used for equipment replacement and recovery of setting and configuration.

A user will have the privilege provided to the group where it belongs. STM-1 electrical interface for optional card slot