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It can be set equal to a list of values. To write a program in Java with the following: The basic protocol defines a sequence of 4 steps for each request from a client to technilogy server. Then put the following tag between the two paragraphs of text:. How would you insert a single word and put a square bullet in front of it? It order to avoid this problem domain names are used.

Column spanning is used to merge combine two or more columns. COLS — This attribute is used to divide the screen into multiple columns.

It is a communication channel between web browser and web server. Tutorial is just awesome. How would you insert an image file named elephant. Specifies the size of the border to place around the image. Write the HTML to create the following ordered list.

How do you use a picture as the background in HTML? What is the difference between node and host?


IT Web Technology 2 Marks and 16 Marks with Answers – John Joseph Edition

How do I make text show in italics? Anna University – Proposals for joint Research Pro What are the sequences of steps for each HTTP request from a client to the server? HTTP relies heavily on two other standards. EC Microprocessors and Microcontrollers— HTTP is a standard protocol that defines how a web client talks to a server and how data is transferred from the server back to the client. It uses MIME to encode data. It also lets the recipient know what kind of data has been sent, so that it can be displayed properly.

This is your gateway to seek your study materials. Thus a machine that is prevented from connecting to the external network by a firewall would make a request for a web page from the local proxy server instead of requesting the web page directly from the remote web server. The syntax of the form is. It is very difficult to remember the IP address of each and every node. What do you mean by well-known ports?

Ed Admission for academic year B.

What is the role of server? A table is a two dimensional matrix, consisting of rows and columns. Where is the Menu? Notes on Tomcat Web Server? Anna University – M. There are 6 sizes to the heading tags: Proxy servers are related to firewalls prevents hosts on a network from making direct connections to the outside world, a proxy server can act as a go-between. Network is an interconnection of systems to share data and information. Are you finding any study materials?


If anyone wants to become a Java developer learn from Java Training in Chennai. List some HTML intrinsic attributes.


What is web server? It is a specification for identifying an object such as a file, newsgroup, CGI program or e-mail address by indicating the exact location on the internet. teechnology

Closing the connection What is meant by loop back address? MIME was originally designed to facilitate multimedia email and to provide an encoding that could get binary data past the most train —damaged mail transfer programs.

KLNCE – ANNA UNIVERSITY: Web Technology / WT previous year question papers

Electronic Media Five Yea What do you meant by server side programming? GE Qestion Science and Engineering— What are the ways by which a server and a browser do communicate? Port numbers can range from 1 tohowever ports 1 to are reserved.

This isknown as Stateless Connection.