The Castle of Crossed Destinies, semiotic fantasy novel by Italo Calvino, published in Italian in as Il castello dei destini incrociati. Editions. The Castle Of Crossed Destinies . Italo Calvino · Paperback A group of travellers chance to meet, first in a castle, then a tavern. Italo Calvino’s book, a series of short fantastic tales, falls into two major parts: “ The Castle of Crossed Destinies” and “The Tavern of Crossed Destinies.” In two.

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The symbols of the Tarot take on different mea Reading Calvino can be a dispiriting experience for me. This review is number His usual sly remarks and cheerful asides are much more prominent here. Whenever I start reading one of italp works, I am stunned at the brilliance of his imagination, and then wonder if I can ever hope to match his level of sheer innovative genius.

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The Castle of Crossed Destinies

The Tarot is based upon life. Reading Calvino can dastle a dispiriting experience for me. It could igalo PCP. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. That tarot-reader guy is now one of my close friends here in Goodreads.

A group of guests – unknown to each other – at a castle in the woods find they have lost the power of speech, so they use a deck of tarot cards to “show” their stories to each other. This book is probably the sort of thing that is best read slowly, in increments.


It actually reminds me quite a bit of Catherynne M. I thought of comic strips, of the most dramatic, adventurous, frightening ones: View all 4 comments. Life is based upon stories. Ca,vino parts were fun and funny and the deep story concepts were really rather cool, Ah, to be drunk with a pack of tarot cards.

Ex Libris: Architecture + World Literature | The Castle of Crossed Destinies, by Italo Calvino

There was a problem adding your email address. And I like books on books. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. He makes his way there and is shown into a room where a great number of other people are already seated and eating and drinking. The Castle of Crossed Destinies. The premise in which words fail the communication between Marco Polo and Kublai Khan is extrapolated further in The Castle of Crossed Destinies since all travelers are inexplicitly unable to speak after traveling through a forest.

Its narrative details a meeting among travelers who are inexplicably unable to speak after traveling through a forest. To be my friend here in Goodreads, my question is: Each book follows the same plot. With the aid of a fellow traveller, perhaps. It would be hard to be too surprised that she might make an appearance in this book as well.

Valente’s This is kind of a splendid book. Calvino is an architect of text. BUT this is a book based on the real obsession of the author, a writer who decided one day to see if he could make patterns out of rows of tarot cards so as to literally use them to tell stories and to then see if he could link those stories together and also somehow write them up in a way that complemented the sting of images he had produced on the table before him.


This surprises him, but in watching the others at the table he soon discovers that they too have lost the ability to speak. This article does not cite any sources. This page was last edited on 11 Januaryat Jul 04, Amy Other Amy rated it did not like it Recommends it for: The Castle of Crossed Destiniessemiotic fantasy novel by Italo Calvinopublished in Italian in as Il castello dei destini incrociati.

Sounds a lot like architecture; no? They let Tarot cards speak. The rest seems to be a random shuffle and subsequent interpretation. The overarching component of structuring The Castle of Crossed Destinies is the setting. The Ace of Cups portrays, in fact, a city with many towers and spires and minarets and domes rising above the walls. Read the full article. Open Preview See a Problem? Really, this should have worked for me.

It’s a fascinating experience, but narrative momentum is pretty much out of the question. The Castle of Crossed Destinies: The Hanged Man Pure, inventive literary fun. Io ce lo vedo Calvino, che passa giornate intere a spostare carte sul tavolo, a girarci intorno, a prendere appunti, ad alzarsi la notte e spostarle di nuovo. My fellow diners confirmed this supposition moving their lips silently in a gracefully resigned manner: The first part, the castle, is unmitigated crap, largely because the rules of that section cfossed the cards to be reused in the order they are laid on the table when tales intersect.

A group of calvlno chance castel meet, first in a castle, then a tavern. Il mazzo visconteo di Bergamo e New York Tarots: