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ICS, Doc ID, ITOP Title, Drop Tests for Munitions. Original Title. Category, IS / TS. Location. ITOP Drop Tests for Munitions, Final Report on International Test Operations Procedure. ITOP (2), Safety Testing of Field Artillery Ammunition. – ITOP , Drop Test for Munitions. – ITOP , Rough Handling Tests.

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ABSTRACT This TOP provides guidance for preparing test plans and irop test programs to evaluate the transportability characteristics of military equipment whether towed, self propelled, or moved by carrier over highway, off-road terrain, railway, waterway, or by air.

Load the test item to its GSW, with center of gravity as near as practicable to the actual service conditions. Record and photograph any evidence of physical damage as a result of the airdrop. Each tie-down provision and its supporting structure shall withstand its proportionate share of the loadings. The test item shall undergo static lift ifop to verify sling leg clearances and load orientation itopp to flight testing.

The laboratory test shall represent km 75 mi. Stop the test once an unstable condition is experienced. No visible permanent deformation or set in the provisions or supporting structure shall result from the application of the loads.

Full text of “DTIC ADA Test Operations Procedure (TOP): Transportability”

Each of the following breaching situations shall be conducted and evaluated: The following paragraphs offer a short summary of each type.

Caution must be maintained at all times in order to control the aircraft at the prescribed airspeed. Following the completion of the flight test, the aircrew returns the load to the test pad. Results of post-test visual and functional inspections. Excessive fouling 0 1 Major Provision Integrity and Aircraft Compatibility. For wheeled ittop, conveyor, etc.


Blocking and bracing is not pennitted.

The itpp of this sub test is to determine the capability of the test item to be transported in an external configuration by rotary-wing aircraft. Perforation of the witness screen by anything other than a projectile or a complete sub-projectile segment shall be cause to reject the lot. Inspect the provisions regarding location to determine if any interferences with functioning equipment exist and that maximum accessibility is provided. Mossberg ModelStock No20 inch barrel, cylindrical bore b.

Only those type designators approved and issued in full accordance with the Type 27 Downloaded from http: Item Inspection and Physical Characteristics. Perform static lift to establish lifting parameters i. If the technical manuals do not contain tie-down instructions, use procedures recommended by the test agency utop concurred with the developing agency, where appropriate. Summarize the results of each test phase in tabular or narrative form, supplemented by observations made by a review of film and videotapes.

This test shall be performed simultaneously with the dispersion test.

cover.PDF Adrienne Cantler

The objective of this sub test is to determine whether the test item can be transported over and off highways. Perforated or split case with propellant loss 6. One for the hasp, one for the locking doorknob, and two into each of the three hinges. The use of spreader bars is not permitted for testing purpose unless approved by SDDCTEA or the appropriate service transportability agent.


Vehicles such as trucks and trailers. Identify any incompatibilities between the airdrop platfonn and designated aircraft. If the weapon is dropped or mishandled, the bolt may slam into the primer with enough force to set it off.

All weapons shall be loaded to capacity and the test shall be performed until the total test sample quantity is reached. Reduction in vehicle and trailer tire pressure to meet floor loading requirements, if necessary. Ensure that stowage is provided for the spreader bars on the item as basic issue item BII equipment. On most guns the bolt being closed after the shot will not completely seal off the gas.


Construction equipment scrapers, bulldozers, loaders, etc. Partial cut off 1 2 Major The third vibration schedule shall represent the environment on the cargo bed of the M tracked vehicle. Defines the maximum ramp angle the item can negotiate while maintaining full load distribution on all axles. Head split 1 2 Major Cartridges shall be fired within 20 minutes after removal from an environmental chamber. All measurements contained in Table 2. Powder burns 1 2 Major The cartridge shall be free of cracks, splits, perforations, burrs and foreign matter.

Design length is ft and 2 in.

Both the weapon and the decibel meter shall be placed approximately 5 feet above the ground. List of test item preparation for flight testing.