Sec: A, Teresa Duplá Marín, Derecho, ESP Rights over things (Iura in re aliena ). . VOLTERRA, E. Instituciones de Derecho Privado Romano, translation by. En el derecho romano las servidumbres fueron una iura in re aliena (derechos reales sobre cosa ajena). encumbrance iura in re aliena encumbrance iura in re aliena real rights of enjoyment: real rights of guarantee: servitudes usufruct, use, habitation emphyteusis.

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One might act socially sui iurison one’s own authority, asserting one’s own right, or on behalf of another, alieni iurisin response to a demand to serve his right by being under his authority.

Introducción al Derecho Privado (GED70044)

For other uses, see Jus disambiguation and IUS disambiguation. This sense is followed in the Thomist conceptions of natural law, or lex naturalis. It is also a space for students to prepare for the final exam which includes a similar exercise.

Students will receive individualised feedback from faculty who will also dedicate several class sessions to reflect on the news items and current problems related to the issues studied. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. Vacated shares for which heirs could not be found were forfeited to the government. The source is believed to have been canon law.


They might do that if the estate were hopelessly encumbered by debt.

Introducción al Derecho Privado

The cynical demands of the bad emperors and the beneficial ones of the good emperors are described at great length by the historians of the empire, such as Tacitus. Term search All of ProZ. Ius as the law was generally the domain of Roman aristocrats, from whose ranks the magistrates were chosen and who often defended clients in court.

Lex de Imperio Vespasiani: English term or phrase: Ius might be something less than the whole body of law when special fields were designated by an adjective, such as ius publicum”public law,” as opposed to private law.

Voluntarii would state their intentions to accept or refuse at this time. Violation of the iura of other citizens, whether in office or out, was a serious matter, for which the punishment might be death.

Exercise of rights and private autonomy. View Ideas submitted by the community. Also excluded were orbior childless couples between 25 and 60 years of age for the male and 20 and 50 for the female. In ancient Rome the right of accrual belonged to the joint heirs haeresmale or female, of an expected inheritance haereditaswhether to be transmitted by will testamentum or by law in the case of intestate inheritance. Automatic update in Mackeldey, Ferdinand; Dropsie, Moses A Login to enter a peer comment or grade.


In keeping with the high value placed by the Romans aliens family, they developed a complex system of transmitting family rights and property.

Accrescendihowever, does not mean survivorship; moreover, the Roman use only covered the survival of joint heirs. Assessment criteria Students who do not: The latter were maintained intact in order to support the army.

Primogeniture was unknown to the Romans of the classical and imperial periods. Patrimony and patrimonial rights.

Subject of Law and legal personality. Black defines ius in the sense of a right as “a power, privilege, faculty, or demand inherent in one person and incident upon another.


The right to undertake an action against a person to compel performance of an obligated service or delivery of an owed thing. Its iura reflect early Germanic laws. Handbook of the Roman law. They are more likely to be found as legal principles in modern European countries.