JBL SRA dual 18 subs watts continuous, peak at 4ohms. These are legendary subs with earth shaking response. All original JBL drivers, used. Im considering buying 2 or 4 JBL SRA subs that were in a church install used, the drivers never blown or reconed or abused, cabs are in. JBL SRA Subwoofer. I just got one of these it is in very good condition for it age. I see on the manual that it uses +2 and -2 on the.

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I paid per box and am down to 8 of them right now.

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At the same outdoor show two months later. Like the others have said, they are large boxes so be prepared if you plan to mobilize these. I have blown the same driver 2 x’s not sure why it sr47119a only that driver but both time I am pretty sure it was operator error.

They will be center clustered and I will probably add casters. Your PL6 will be great with these. That is watts per cabinet. At sd4719a I would suggest giving them at least watts per cabinet. Originally Posted by sbjacob. That is the Question. The time now is I think you would be underpowering them at watts.


I would put at least watts per cab, and I would recommend watts per cab. They will be no better then the Peavey VR’s you have.

JBL SRA « dimograph

They seem to stand up and ask for more. Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. Only a problem if there is more than a couple of steps.

I have had a pair of these for 6 years. They have performed very well for me over the course of that time. I wish I could find a pair of those subs locally for that price.

I also have noticed at high volume boosting any signal below 50Hz on with my Ashly EQ on series bass songs only I can hear a faint rattle noise in both woofer I’m also using a Behringer EP in bridge mono to drive it so I could be over powering it as it’s watts RMS 4 ohm peak?

I power each pair of subs with a Macrotech All times are GMT My own rig uses the equivalent of a pair of nice 18″s- an octet of isobaric 12″s. I can’t envision a time when they will be worth much less than that. If you have two PL6’s that’s even better, you’ll love that combo. You can power all four with one amp and I’m sure it’ll be fine for people indoors, unless you’re doing crazy hip-hop or reggae. Thanks for your reply will the ‘s work in the SRA cabinets as I noticed there parameters are a little different?


Evan, I don’t think he said he HAD the peaveys, just that he’d worked with them.

JBL SRA subs??ts, comments, advice?

You can’t go wrong. By Storm in forum General Audio Discussion. Results 1 to 9 of 9.

They are awesome subs. Similar Threads Subwoofer or No Subwoofer? Im still not sure what happened, but I think something went wrong with the electric. Glad they’re workin’ for ya! I just move mine around with a hand cart just fine. Can move air, look cool cuz they are big, and for that price you cant go jvl