Jean M. Twenge, Author. Free Press $25 (p) (Born in , Twenge herself is at the edge of the Me Generation.) Her book is livened with. In this provocative new book, headline-making psychologist and social commentator Dr. Jean Twenge explores why the young people she calls ” Generation Me”. Generation Me – Revised and Updated by Jean M. Twenge – In this provocative and newly revised book, headline-making psychologist Dr. Jean Twenge.

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What ruins that early credibility are the subjective twengw observations and hasty generalizations that can’t possibly come from any reasonable quan I really appreciated The Narcissism Epidemic and thought it was a well written and researched book, so I was surprised to find myself disliking Generation Me. Born inTwenge herself is at the edge of the Me Generation. Apparently young people today are depressed and selfish. Jul 24, LibraryCin rated it really liked it Shelves: How did this book irritate me?

When Christian Smith asked teens about spirituality inmost did not even know what the term meant. And instead of “All About Me” projects, why not have kids interview their classmates instead and learn about others? One thing I would have liked Twenge to expand on is the nature, appropriate use, and limitations of unconditional positive regard UPR. It is not taken as seriously as it should be. She compares studies of One possible explanation just tossing it out there for thought – these generations go into HAPPIER marriages than previous ones, so children reduce their happiness to a greater degree.

As Robert Putnam documents in Bowling Alone, memberships in community groups have declined by more than jeaan since the s.

Generation Me [Speed Summary] – Brand Genetics

More people cut across parking lots to bypass stoplights. They talk to older people and authority figures the same way they talk to their friends. Byrnes, played to crusty perfection by Robert De Niro, learns to loosen up and show emotion toward his daughter. I remember taking this survey and answering this question during my first week of undergrad in The irony is apparently completely lost on her: So even if you come from a stable, ttwenge family, growing up amidst the stress of recent times might be enough to make you anxious.


Fear of crime is lower as well. You would consider her average the first time, but be fairly concerned about her slipping performance the next. Anyone feeling the need to throw an entire generation under or over the bus shouldn’t, put simply. I read it after jfan was highly recommended by friends who share more or less my birth year and are members of what the author has termed “Generation Me.

The data show that the need for social approval reached an all-time low in the late s to the early s.

Even people in unhappy marriages are happier than those who divorce. In OctoberGoldman Sachs began discouraging young analysts from working weekends.

Generation Me – Revised and Updated

None of the students cared if I knew details of their personal lives that other generations would have kept as carefully guarded secrets. Young people see their directness as an asset. The other reason is that, unlike Twenge herself born at the beginning of the generationI’m unwilling to include myself and speak of “we” and “our” etc. Some describe the events each generation experienced and then guess how that will affect their attitudes toward work, rather than actually measuring attitudes.

The endnotes include three studies, one of iean focuses on “exploratory behaviors. There are also some problems with the book, of which I’ll go into, since my only other option for a review is really to repeat all the interesting stuff – and that’s what the book’s for.

Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! I really appreciated The Narcissism Epidemic and thought it was a well written and researched book, so I was surprised to find myself disliking Generation Me. Notify me of new posts by email. Now these unions are everywhere, and between almost all ethnicities and races. Especially interesting to read if you’re currently undergoing a quarterlife crisis, poses interesting theories on why.

Self-esteem is not generationn a prerequisite for a good relationship — in fact, it’s actually the result of a good relationship; people in good relationships genedation to have higher self-esteem than people who are alone.


These movies dramatize two interlocking changes: Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. My characters are free: It can lead to more dramatic emotions when you are always discussing, sharing, analyzing them as our generation is led to feel they should do. It’s like telling bosses to be generatlon about what ke do and consider what their employees think is some great favor or revelation. May 08, Julia rated it it was ok.

I also feature data from one-time studies when their results concur with the over-time data. This was all done without pretense or embarrassment.

Others have argued that GenMe has moved away from religious institutions, but still maintains a private religiosity and spirituality.

Read reviews that mention young people self-esteem movement self esteem baby boomers must read previous generations jean twenge highly recommend high school sense of entitlement read this book younger generation pop culture years ago young adults baby boomer current generation high expectations vast majority highly recommended.

Jan 14, Christy rated it liked it. Sorry for all the quotes, but I’m an information hog and I just couldn’t whittle it down any further.

I’m not sure whether it was an intenti Full disclosure: I appreciated the fresh and humorous tone of this book – it was a fun and breezy read. GenMe’ers have started having children themselves and she wonders aloud whether the trends will continue to worsen, or if the unrealistic expectations and the geberation and depression that comes from them – particularly in our economic climate – will see a different generation born of this one.

Byless than 1 out of 10 did. There, comments sections are filled with statements that often cross the line from blunt to incredibly rude. Jan 30, Fishface rated it liked it Shelves: This book stops shy of bashing, but it stops shy tewnge being helpful as well.

Using findings from twennge largest intergenerational study ever conducted — with data from 1.