Besos de sangre has ratings and reviews. Kat Kennedy said: I remember someone explaining, chemically, how a cheese burger works. How the fa. Besos de sangre has ratings and reviews. Rochelle said: It took several tries but I finally finished it. Very standard paranormal romance b. Buy Besos de Sangre by Jeaniene Frost (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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It’s not a Paranormal romance that’s overly sex heavy. This Side of the Grave Jeaniene Frost. View all comments. Terrible, terrible writing and cringeworthy bad dialogue.

Overall, far from a fros first installment, but worth continuing. The story opened in the perfect way. In fact, read those novels first if you have a pulse. I guess I’m not the only one because publishers have jumped beos this ship like it’s the only one with booze and half naked young men and women grinding up against each other see I’m trying to use subtle images to get you addicted to my reviews.

Jeaniene Frost

The characters were annoying, as was the insta-love, bad sex scenes, and the use o Audiobook This book was heavily advertised as the series all Buffy fans must read and all it felt like was a trashy ripoff.

And so on – just check a list of ‘how to ID an abusive partner’ Its terrible that females are telling other females that the storybook romance is one of abuse. He’s basically Spike from Buffy and I always preferred Angel. Writing was about average for the genre. Cat said throughout the book that she loved them but we were never shown this love in the way she looked at them or thought about them.


He is about 6 foot 3, blond and muscular, and previously went on a date with Leila. I should have stopped when the male lead told the female lead not to wear underwear while hunting vampires so they could more easily smell her. She pushes Cat to kill all vampires, because obviously, they all have to be evil. Sometimes her jump into the action first before using common sense grated on my nerves.

Our protagonist, Cat, has this need for revenge for what vampires did to her mother, going out night after sagre to stake as many as she can. Someone call for the smelling salts, because if I melt anymore I’ll probably pass out. Tell us again your stance on the subject, Bones.

In order to become the ultimate vampire hunter, Cat undergoes four weeks of intense physical training, and then a week of beautifying, clothes-shopping, and dirty-talk lessons. Well, contrary to general belief, I did not like this one bit.

Besos de sangre (Cazadora de la noche, #1) by Jeaniene Frost (3 star ratings)

I admit that you were right. Bones was ok, but nothing special either. While I did enjoy the direction Frost is taking with the romance because it’s bound to become pretty intense, that was the only part of the ending I liked. So, be warned, this will probably be both ranty and irreverent.

I’m not a huge fan of first POV in general, but when vesos person telling the story is someone I don’t like, the whole book kinda falls apart. This was the part that made me see her as this barely teenage girl.

besox I had very high hopes for it, because it’s so wildly loved by various people with different tastes, but it didn’t live up to my expectations at all. She generally kills vampires before she even attempts to talk to them because she is so badass, but then she pees her pants every time she is supposed to stand up to her own Mom who, btw.


For information on Jeaniene’s books, book trailers, deleted scenes, creature mythology, and more, please visit: For those of you who have been following my status updates meaniene this book, you know how much I struggled with liking Cat.

View all 19 comments. I really want to know if this is a series for me Eternal Kiss of Darkness Jeaniene Frost. When he captured her, he chained her up in a cave, threatened her with torture, then discovered she’s half-vampire and full of bravado.

This isn’t a difficult problem to solve; just a bbesos of lines describing, say, positive aspects of her relationships with these people scattered throughout the book would’ve helped. If only Sanhre could keep in my mind the voice as I remember it from the films it would have been so much better; right now I can’t see how Bones is a favorite hero for so many readers.

I either love it jeanienee hate it and I think with the Night Huntress series, I never really gave it a chance because I dropped it all those months ago. I remember someone explaining, chemically, how a cheese burger works.