Art Bell (Post2Post) Posts: (Part One). 04/original-john-titor-posts-post2post-art-bell-forum-part-1/. Found Titor Original Chat Log The Link: Found on its the only forum that gives this whole john titor thing a serious thought. Fifteen years ago, on March 24, , the individual posting as John Titor left his final message on the Post2Post Art Bell forum, leaving behind.

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Thanks for your input As gloomy a picture as he paints, the society he describes is tiotr and bounds ahead of us in their reverence for the Constitution which as John says we should all read.

I spent a lot of time reading message boards, and visiting Anomalies. The ironic thing is that the same people joun the world in that timeline as in this one–the Illuminati, who were really behind the American and Nazi governments all along.

John Titor Archive: Interview with a time traveler (page 1 of 19)

You requested I point out some inconsistencies. Also, please keep in mind that civilization is recovering from a war. Consider that you are a time traveler who goes back in time to the first week of February and you are confronted with the same problem.

Once the travler enters the new dimension, he commences his engines to reach the c tiyor speed of lightand travels through time. Unfortunately, I do not know if we are acquainted on my worldline. Retrieved August 6, I fail to understand why my words generate so much conflict. For instance would the microsingularity begin to grow? Ethics is an excellent topic of discussion and I hope we can move past a jonn insistence of applying everything to this frame of reference.



They just look very like your family and friends. The C uses 6 cesium clocks but they use an optical system to check the oscillation frequency. Is the Chevy newer and how did you pay for it? It was supposedly purchased from a car show, and was in nearly mint condition. johh

“The John Titor Project” Chat Thread, page 1

This is a very blatant contradiction Then we must take inter-dimensional transition into account. The events between worldlines are isolated and nothing I do here will affect my worldline.

Please be as specific and realistic as you can about your potential contribution.

You sound like one of those religious cult nuts whose story keeps changing. The Humans who talk with you on this post have not asked you yet how you feel about your travels? What all of us on here want is the truth, not science fiction. I discovered this largely via recovered memories, and psychical research, but my website, and story, can be read at http: All possible quantum states, events, possibilities and outcomes are fitor, eventual and occurring.

Are there equal rights?

I can understand the ethics at hand here quite well. Perhaps it would have been clearer to state that the math has been around since Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Yes, you will remember me if you want to. Do the current inhabitants of this here planet travel to Mars between now and jonn

Thinking about it now I sort of wonder what it would be like to be a teenager now and know the answer to that question. There is a world of difference between him and the Waverider though. Based on the current technology of the clocks and sensors, distortion units are only accurate to about 60 years or so. The civil war in the United States will start in What is the average lifespan? Are we currently being bombarded by mind control devices?


John Titor Archive: Interview with a time traveler (page 1 of 19), page 1

I want to know because I fully intend to be a prominent figure within the next 20 years. Plus, History books from that time would probably contain things about the war frompossibly things leading up to the war. Something so I can have a conversation with you!

You tend to look past the individual differences of people when thier job is to jphn your life. Thank you IAP for some input. When I watch the show, I am more afraid about the possibility that what he is doing is real not weather or not he is doing it.

I was not jonn a position to make alternate suggestions. What do I do with this stuff when I am done??? But can you just name some people who will be major tv stars or movie stars, or future major politicians or major companies? I am expecting about 15 links total.