: The Kagero Diary (Michigan Monograph Series in Japanese Studies) (): Sonja Arntzen: Books. At the outset of the Kagero Nikki, Michitsuna no Haha states her purpose in writing her journal. I have included the McCullough translation of the opening. The Kagero¯ Diary commands our attention as the first extant work of that rich and brilliant tradition. The author, known to posterity as Michitsuna’s Mother.

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Her true name is unknown to history. Jan 21, Julie rated it liked it Shelves: You had to kaegro by way of cryptic poems and there was an elaborate, totally incomprehensible system of forbidden directions, punishments, defilements, penances and pilgrimages Autobiographical diary.

Would satisfaction have satisfied her? During this courting period, many poems and messages are exchanged between the two. I thought it was amazing. The annotations of the edition I read helped a lot to understand exactly what was going on at many times.

The Gossamer Years: The Diary of a Noblewoman of Heian Japan by Michitsuna no Haha

Jan 08, Rage rated it it was amazing Shelves: Men must love, after all, and how can she blame him if his duties keep him away, or if the direction is inauspicious, or if the weather is poor? Finally, some of the reviews on here say that the footnotes there are many make the book tedious.

Retrieved from ” https: It may be a new way of printing things but, compared to those with footnote-like Notes, I found reading them more convenient by just looking down for any Note I want to know more diiary of turning to the Notes section somewhere near the end. Trivia About The Gossamer Year But in most ways, they were not.

A portrait of clinical depression and passive aggressive marital tactics in Heian Japan. She describes her depression, loneliness and her husband’s negligence and unfaithfulness and is in general extre The writer of this diary is know only as “Michitsuna’s mother”. The Actual Diary I would highly recommend anyone looking to read this book to put aside their 21st century expectations of writing, as this book is kageor full of juicy gossip or intrigue.


It was most touching.

Kagerō Nikki – Wikipedia

You had to communicate by way of cryptic poems and there was an elaborate, totally incomprehensible system of forbidden directions, punishments, defilements, penances and pilgrimages. Aug 23, Brian rated it really liked it Shelves: She would just as soon have declined the honor.

This is an nice book and I found it very interesting to read. Seidensticker obviously buys into the idea that the author is being unreasonable, at least partially, and I’m kzgero sure how much of his commentary on her mood or the quality of her writing is based on comparison with other literature, and how much on her being a woman who dares to be angry with her life.

While still a very interesting look at life in Heian Japan, this is absolutely filled with puns, references and poetry that the trans Technically non-fiction because it’s a diary, I found this title quite sad in contrast to the irreverent ‘Pillow Book’. Moreover, I would like to say something about her high level of literacy as expressed by means of her diary, in other words, written in ancient Japanese for her posterity and idary world to see, read and understand more on the custom, culture, nature, etc.

The gossamer years = Kagero nikki : the diary of a noblewoman of Heian Japan

Jun 28, Jane rated it really liked it Shelves: But the author comes through, if rather flattened. I can see him, at court with the other officials or with one of his paramours, talking about how his wife is just so unreasonable. For example, this correspondence between the author and her husband: There is something morbid about selfhood doary Japan.

It’s like she is reflecting on the past year rather than recording events as they happen. I feel bad for her that she is super depressed all the time, and yet she seems like a pain in the ass and seems so proud of herself when she acts like an ass. Get The Kagero Diary: Books by Michitsuna no Haha.

  DCS 6818 PDF

Written around AD, this diary of a Heian noblewoman shares the story of her life as the second wife to a busy court official. This is also the reason I read dlary, because I am writing a paper This book is an autobiography of sorts.

So this belongs to the same period as the celebrated Tale of Genji I guess it’s formality and I would guess it’s rooted in the collectivist attitude that maybe comes from Shinot in which a person is constantly worrying about not angering the gods else they will be cursed with misfortune though I’m sure someone out there will argue that with me Aug 07, E.

The author is not a saint–she writes repeatedly about how happy she is when some misfortune befalls one of her husband’s other lovers–but even accounting for her justified anger and sadness, her husband comes off as a smarmy asshole.

I think that is what I enjoyed the most. And all the while, even after he and her stop speaking, he sends his robes to her house to be mended. From the three I’ve read I’ll categorize them like this: I wonder if it is torn away. Jun 07, Judith rated it liked it Shelves: Secondly, presumably more importantly, a pilgrimage means prayer — if one can pray.

One can hardly say she was wounded in love, for there is no indication that she did love. I started to get worn out by the footnotes, tried this method, and it worked for me. It’s a strange era: But the author’s writings reveal that her husband’s pursuit of love, religious ceremony, and civil advancement meant that they spent almost no time together.

She herself belonged to a lesser branch of the same Fujiwara clan. Part of the joy I took in the book was in the poetry.