You are in; Services; Other service activities; Activities of membership organizations; Activities of other membership organizations; Activities of other membership. Berdasarkan ujian IQ, kanak-kanak terencat akal dibahagikan kepada tiga kategori iaitu, terencat akal: 1. Ringan skor IQ 50 hingga 75 skor IQ 30 hingga 50 . See all 11 photos taken at persatuan kebajikan kanak-kanak terencat akal malaysia by 47 visitors.

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This is my profile and I wish to update information. Because of space constraints, they have managed to rent an adjacent bungalow for about RM5K per month.

Chang Ming Kiet, who hails from Kuantan. The Association is organizing a fund raising event on 17th March at the HGH Convention Centre supported by the Chinese Performing Arts Guild with dances and songs from some well known local singers.

There were also a lot of donations in kind such as pampers, rice, cooking oil, etc. They have a list of daily items that is needed and their monthly expenses comes to about RM43K. He is about 50 years old and he imports clothes from China for local market.

Persatuan Bagi Kanak-Kanak Kerencatan Akal Johor | Trade Nosis

Why he started this home is because of a personal reason. BeCause kerenfatan considering to support their operational needs through one of its fund raising activities planned for A few are adults but look and act like children.

The home keeps some emergency medicine in case of need. At the time we were there, we noticed quite of lot of visitors who came to donate money and to enquire more about the home. Administering this profile may update, supplement or aial it.

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Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-kanak Terencat Akal Johor Bahru – Welfare | CIMB Cares

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He had a son who had brain fever and became mentally retarded and has since passed away. Xkal other users to connect with you by administrating this profile.

Login to your account. Improve your business presence on the Internet. All of them look healthy and well taken care off. Your email address will not be published.

When funds are insufficient, they will transfer from their business to cover. Activities of religious organizations 0, text: This is now under renovation.

The Association was started by Mr. The home is located at an old single storey bungalow on the main road of Jalan Gasing.

He is assisted by Susan and a few others, some of whom are paid while some are volunteers. Subscribe to this comment feed via RSS. While caring for the kerejcatan, he realized many other children are in the same situation without proper care and facilities available. This is my profile and I want to close it.

The better ones will also help to look after the others. The home is quite well organized and clean with ample space for the children to spend their time and play games together.


In the next few hours your profile will be deleted. All of them are mentally challenged but they are grouped generally into 3 different levels of IQ from moderate, mild to severe. You are in Services Other service activities Activities of membership organizations Activities of other membership organizations Activities of other membership organizations n. When necessary they will be sent to their respective hospitals where the case was recorded for check up, therapy and medication.

A few of those who are unable to move are inside the house. We were told that many of the parents who put the children there are unable to cope or are poor whilst some are single parent. According to Eddie, what is needed most is for more people to visit and spend time with the children as most of their needs for food and lodgings have been catered for. He also said that it would be good for them to be able to assemble some simple therapy equipment for use.


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Activities of political organizations.