The Keyence CA-DC LED Illumination Controller features two external control inputs with 2 channels of output connection points. The unit has an. Get KEYENCE CA-DC User Manual. Get all KEYENCE manuals!. KEYENCE CA-DC manuals and user guides for free. Read online or download in PDF without registration.

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Doing so may result in fire, electrical shock, or device failure.

Document Outline

Always ground the frame ground terminal or the ground terminal when using a switching regulator. Power limiter switch default setting: LED Illumination Contr oller. This manual uses the following headings to display important safety.

F ailure to follo w the instructions given under this heading ma y result ca-dc00. This heading is used to indicate common errors made by operations.


Howeverif you encounter any defective. Tu rn off the de vice immediately in any of the f ollowing situations: Continuing to operate the device despite such a problem may. Proper Contr oller Operation.

Pdf Download | KEYENCE CA-DC User Manual (2 pages)

Do not use the controller with anything other than a 24 VDC po wer supply. Doing so may result in fireelectrical shock, or de vice failure. Always ground the frame ground terminal or the ground terminal. Avoid locations such as the following when installing the CA-DC Locations prone to rapid temperature changes. Interf erence from such lines may result in non.

Doing so may result in burn injuries. F ailure to do so. Do not use benzene, thinners, or alcohol to clean the.

Doing so may result in the discoloration or def ormation of. Doing so ma y result in device f ailure. Keeynce attaching or removing the controllerpull the fastener on the. Y ou can also use the mounting bracket sold separately to install.


KEYENCE CA-DC100 User Manual

In this case use the screws that are provided on the. Do not install the controller in an orientation other than one of the 3. Leave a minimum of 20 mm of space on all sides of the. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Tell us what’s missing. Tell us about ca-df100. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Your manual failed to upload