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Lista dotychczasowych wymian kulturalnych, AMA i innych cykli tematycznych. Posts in English are welcome, as long as related to Poland.

Polowanie na czarownice witch hunt jest surowo wzbronione, i zaowocuje banem. Pzepraszam, moja Polska nie jest dobrze. English text in case that was so bad it doesn’t make any sense- I want to know if there are any simple comics I can read to try to get a better handle on more words and how Polish is used in natural language. Do you have any recommendations?

Tytus Romek I ATOMEK SUPERKOLEKCJA 1-25 KOMIKS Papcio Chmiel Chmielewski JBook

Also u can grab a “tytus romek I atomek” comic book from 80s and 90s. U can try get them from empik. Or you could simply read American comics translated into Polish.


You’d understand them better I think. You can try Kajko i Kokosz, here are 3 pages: Don’t be fooled by the childish look, a lot of adults love this comic.

There’s a lot of comic books with them. Although I don’t know how to legally get them in USA. Is that a stylistic thing or is that how it’s done in handwriting?

That’s a bit confusing since I write all my z’s with the slash through them when writing English. And yeah, they’re a pretty good idea for learning, since the author writes them both in Polish and English.

Komiks dla nauczyć się język polski? : Polska

BTW, I found that reading books on Kindle and checking the words I didn’t know with the built-in dictionary helped me a lot while learning English. Just don’t try the Witcher books, the Polish in these is stylised to sound “archaic”. I didn’t tyyus about using the Kindle but that’s a great idea.

As for The Witcher, I am too used to the English terms for everything after playing the games so I would want to read it in English anyway. For the archaic terms, I suppose that would be like trying to learn English from A Song of Ice and Fire and learning words that even English speakers had never heard of like “nuncle”.


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Tytus Romek i Atomek Księga XXIII : Komiks

Want to add to the discussion? Your Polish is understandable, communicative level, good job: But falling from use recently.

Not a good source to learn the language.