As Captain of the Raven Guard’s 10th Company, he is the Master of Recruits and overseer of the training of the Space Marine Scouts. However, Korvydae. A Space Marine Captain equipped with a jump pack and a Thunderhammer, Korvydae is a fearsome opponent in combat, exemplifying his Chapter’s mastery of. Back in 4th Edition, he even had a rule to lead a unique custom unit called Shrike’s Wing, which were lightning-claw-wielding Veteran Assault.

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I think a mini of hotsauceman1 rending the overly serious posters of dakka in twain with a flexing of humourous intent would be a winning mini. If you’re playing by strict RAW standards, Shrike can’t join squads, because of some fucked up sentence structure in the codex. He may also take digital weapons, allowing him to reroll attacks in the Assault Phase. The Raven Guard A notably grim and resolute Chapter of the 1st Founding of the Space Marines, the Raven Guard are masters of guerrilla tactics, surprise assaults, sowing terror, and the execution of the brutal and overwhelming killing blow.

This includes Vanguard, Sterngaurd, and Terminators. Future 40k Codex and supplements speculation thread. Email notifications for threads you want to watch closely.

Does Korvydae still have rules?

You currently have javascript disabled. Keep that in mind when building an alpha-strike CC army, you’ll need more than 2 units charging to reliably get a charge off. Silenced Shotgun with additional range. Don’t be a cheapskate and buy him Artificer Armour to improve his survivability, and maybe an Auspex to fuck with enemy cover saves. Pincer Maneuvers Fluff based.


Does Korvydae still have rules? – + Raven Guard + – The Bolter and Chainsword

He grants fellow Raven Guard models re-rolls to their charge distance, so he pairs very well with any sort of risk engaging CC alpha strike army. This allows you to take an allied force without any Raven Guard deployed on the first turn. Warhammer 40K Fan Group: Independent character Orbital Bombardment.

Back in 4th Edition, he even had a rule to lead a unique custom unit called Shrike’s Wing, which were lightning-claw-wielding Veteran Assault Marines that Shrike personally trained. Pity they aren’t available anymore, though you can take Vanguards for the Shadow Captain and call them Shrike’s Wing.

korvydaw Retrieved from ” https: A fucking badass that wears the lightning claws once owned by Corvus Corax himself, he also has a supremely epic Beakie helmet to round out his old-school style. And he’s getting his own book. Has the stats of a relic blade. It’s a beautiful model that lends itself to make a great leader model.

Shadowhawk may exchange its Thunderhawk Cannon for a Turbo laser destructor for korvyxae. He’s had a promotion, and now has the Chapter Master special rule. To make them in the game proper, their like points. Only units the Warlord is too attached can use this ability.


Captain Korvydae Rules – Forum – DakkaDakka

No adverts rues this in the forums anymore. Otherwise it can take the same options and rules as the Thunderhawk. Does he even have rules anymore, or is he just a cool guy with a giant hammer? In pieces he can go far to make a few korvydze shine. With him alongside your forces, you have a very good chance of getting a charge off even when 9 inches away.

If you’re just looking at his stats and gear he’ll seem overcosted.

Future 40k Codex and supplements speculation thread Thread – Warhammer 40K Fan Group

Some of these suggestions are going to be overpowered. As they regrouped, the remaining Captains began debating over who’d be next and Shrike decided to take the initiative. Shadow Captain Shrike appears to be an underwhelming character, and unless you’re playing with your mates and are willing to fudge your way through the issue discussed below, he really is useless.