Preceding unsigned comment added by Zontas (talk • contribs) , 23 June (UTC). Contents. 1 Macrons; 2 subpages; 3 Romanization; 4 Pronounce. collection of kanji issued by the Japanese government for educational use. In , an additional 20 kanji will be added to the Kyōiku Kanji, the set of kanji taught in grades one to six. These kanji are used in names of prefectures.

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My opinion is that it was better the way it was before. Retrieved 1 February I tend to think that this page ought to move to an English title, such as Japanese kanji curriculum or something similar. Views Read Edit New section View history.

Quick Study is free to use, but you need to be a Registered User of Kanshudo. Is there some reason you’re using circumflexes instead of macrons for long vowels? Retrieved from ” https: Kanji documents Japanese writing system.

Talk:Kyōiku kanji

This article is supported by Applied Linguistics Task Force. Archived from the original on 14 February I don’t know what’s possible in the WikiPedia formatting engine and CSS, but it would be nice to suppress the underlines in the links to the character pages. Flashcards are free to use, kanij you need to be a Registered User of Kanshudo.

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Therefore, move to wiktionary all those other pages? Chinese Traditional characters Simplified characters first round second round Debate.


I’ve done a quick stab at reformatting the page into table format at User: Table of Simplified Characters. If there were an English term established for referring to these kanji or to the list of them, then a redirection page would be in order, but I don’t know of such a term. Japanese writing Components Kanji.

For one thing, it makes look like.

Kyōiku kanji – First grade – Memrise

This page is supported by the Education task force. I noticed that the Kanji for cat is kyiku listed in the Kyoiku Kanji. No one will be searching for this unless they already know what the name of the standard curriculum is in Japanese. Full details of all components and their English names can be found here.

Like I said before, we’re dealing with something that can’t be easily explained. Your Kanji Mastery score shows how well you know each kanji, and your Kanji Wheel provides a visual summary of your entire kanji knowledge. I’m currently learning Japanese and it would be a great aid if someone completes the romanization on the page.

List of National Treasures of Japan castles. Therefore, wouldn’t it be better if they link directly to wiktionary entries? Aren’t all those links with kanji information better placed in the wiktionary?

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Select an alternative set of components below.

As it is, some are listed with such readings and some without. Writing portal v t e This article falls within the scope of WikiProject Writing systemsa WikiProject interested in improving the encyclopaedic coverage and content of articles relating to writing systems on Wikipedia. Simplified characters first round second round. I think that’s not a very good idea.

I vote to keep it the way it was before. This page was last edited on 28 Augustat Is it really kanjj good kyoikuu to add alternative pronunciations to the kanjis that are listed on this article? But yes, if you can, you should try doing what you said. Typographic symbols Japanese punctuation Iteration mark. At least, worked better than it does now.

Is this Kanji not taught until later I doubt it or is it missing. Kanshudo Flashcards are the best way to study and keep track of what you’ve studied.